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    *** Kinda long. I think the details are worth it but... its about a cat, so if you want the short story go to the bottom:p. Enjoy.

    So when i first got my kitten she was awesome. She was so small and fury with huge eyes that looked right into your soul and made you instantly happy. She did funny things, followed me around sometimes, cuddled and stayed quiet. Cool.

    But, recently its like my cats gotten older an all those little things seem to have become more dominant and relentless... Shes annoying as hell now. Not annoying like im tired of her or anything like that but annoying in the fact that shes a dick now. She follows me EVERYWHERE:poke:. All around my house. She walks right next to my feet like im going to run away from her or something... She stays literally a few inches away from my toes... just looking at them, walking fast to keep up; following where there going.And when i go into the another room and have the door closed, she fucking screams and claws at the door until i open it. she comes in. and lays down:rolleyes:.... :mad:

    The type of attitude my cat has developed is repelling. She has this authority about her. If im eating something and she comes into the room she RUNS over to my plate like its HER food and tries to jam her nose into my plate.... Umm what else:rolleyes: . She screams at night. Intentionally wakes me up too early in the morning. Announces when she's about to use her litter box by screaming.... its just ridiculous.All sorts of shit.

    Its really a problem when she cock blocks and brings down my high with her dickness... :(

    Ok. i know what some of you all are saying... :eek: "Why dont you just fucking get rid of her":confused: Its just that i still kinda care about the damn thing ya know? and on top of that i take responsibility for her. because i know no one is going to want her(shes super afraid of other people for some reason and only is normal around me) and shed probably end up dead:(. I wouldn't want that for her because i know she likes me and all....& she dosent know shes a dick... she isnt capable of self evaluation... i dont think:confused:..

    But yeah I hope you guys can help me out with this because this has actually been bothering me for some time now... I just wanna smoke and chill out:smoke: and i have this fury negative ball of tension always stressing me:mad:. WTF.

    *****SHORT VERSION*****
    :cool:Cat was real cool man. Became a fucking dick:eek::mad:! Screaming at night and shit, cock blocking me :mad:. Some times im like "fuck this cat!:devious:" .but i dont want to abandon it because im a nice guy ya know?

    Not really THAT big of a issue, but im torn here and it kinda sucks.:rolleyes::smoke:

    Want your opinion

  2. get a pitbull :smoke:
  3. I feel ya man, but my dogs almost 11 and still just like a puppy.. as it goes for your cat, you gotta take responsibility for it. Maybe you could blow a quick little puff of Buddha in her ears lol theres receptors inside the ear that react.. shell be more layed back & might be less of a dick. But its not too good for animals so don't do it much.. Ya gotta pic of your cat? post a pic if you have one.
  4. Train that pussy!
  5. Keep it mate :smoke: Maybe buy it some cat-nip or put it down cellar for the night or something but don't get rid of it

  6. Hu?


    Yeah, I probably should... shes been lit before from being in the room with me. I didnt really notice a significant difference in her behavior. Ive gotta do something because this whole thing is kinda causing me unnecessary stress and annoyance...

    I want one now:smoke:! I mean, i dig my cat, i really do. but it would be dope to have a animal that i can walk and take to the park when im baked n shit.
  7. your cat is reminiscent of you. keep her dude, i had the same problem with my cat, shes a year old now, and shes the shit. she does all the same stuff tho witch you explained.
    but it doesnt bother me. thats what cats do, ya know? i just deal with it.
  8. dont do that shit with getting it high.... they cant build down the thc so they like stay forever... some dude got charges for it about it online ...

    a buddy of mine has this thc cat which is like a fucking retard now.. cant even jump no more it just fails and is lazy as fuck :(

  9. Yeah thats another thing, i buy all sorts of toys and shit for this cat to keep her happy LMAO.but she quickly get board of everything... except catnip.but thats only lasts a bit:rolleyes:

    i really appreciate and respect the life of other living things. I know nothings out there for this cat. im gonna keep it. but shes kinda making me regret that i ever got her....
  10. Leave the door open :confused_2: , It just wants some lovin
  11. mad smileys
  12. this is funny i have the same issue with my dog...he is a little yorkie and when we got him he was so damn he follows me everywhere and always wants attention..i think it is my fault but i bought him for my girl so really its both of our faults for not training him

    i think you need cat training to straighten that dickhead out.

  13. agreed!:smoke:
  14. what is it with people and cats on gc? Seems like everyone is having a problem these days with cats. Myself, i hate cats. I'm much more of a dog person. Cats to me, are fucking stupid, shed wayyy to much and cat piss is just awful. Currently i have a Rottweiler named zoey, which is ridiculously smart, and a little shit-zu (girlfriends) which is a little bastard but crazy cute. So dude get a dog... Why you ask? I'll give you some pros and cons as follows:

    Depending on the breed, Very intelligent
    No cat piss
    Chances are you'll be allergic to cats instead of dogs (like me)
    New best friend! with a personality
    Puppy's are EXCELLENT conversation starters with girls
    If you get the appropriate breed, they can be made into Excellent protectors

    My rottie eats a shit ton.
    Massive pancake size shits
    Gets into alot of shit

    In conclusion, my opinion is dogs are a much beter choice over a cat ifuckinghatethemgoddamnthings maybe i just have a personal vendetta against cats who knows.

    Its what ever tickles your fancy i guess, huh?

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