Things I've seen when i was sick

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 1 Eyed Toka Guy, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. cause this is the spiritual part of this forum, i guess these events can be posted here.

    first off, let me tell you some back history on my life. i got leukemia and after 2 weeks, i got this fungus called mucor micosis (common bread mold) in my eye so they had to take it (the eye). before i went into surgery, i saw friendly creatures (i think angels) all around my bed and a white silloet in the chair across the room.

    after surgery, my grandma, her friend, my dad, and i were all praying and as our eyes were closed, Jesus walked in the door and touched my forehead at the same time my grandma did. i had the feeling that everything was gonna be alright and it was.

    you may not think these happenings are 'miraculous", but take this into consideration:

    i had a 0% chance to live through that fungus and its removal surgery

    i had 0% chance to live through bone marrow transplant (had to get cause chemo wasnt helping)

    my only biological brother was a 100% match in bone marrow which is a 1 in 4 chance with twins. theres 5 years between us.

    hope the miracles in my life help yours somehow

    stay SOLID.
  2. sucks it happened man. i gotta ask though, you get medical marijuana for it?

  3. LOL....

    damn, i heard the Bone Marrow transplantin shit hurts.....

    anyways, i believe u.....this one kid i knew back in the sday got hit by a car, and he said well he was KO', he was floatin above his own body starin at it with Jesus next to him.....and i've heard a lot more....but i believe u......
  4. they were gonna give me maijuana pills to gwt me to eat more but because of my dad pushin them so much to prescribe it, they thought it was best not to give it to me.

    thats wild about the kid and the car.

    Stay SOLID

  5. I like your story but as a skeptic I have to bring up the fact that you were probably on various heavy pain killers and other drugs before and after the surgery. In any case I'm glad it happened to you. At worst it's a strangely comforting delusion and at best it's contact with the divine.

  6. yeah, i was on many pain killers, one 5 times stronger than morphine called nubaine. but to put my tollerence of drugs into prespective, let me tell you this: they said i was gonna be in a 3 week coma after they took my eye out but i woke up during surgery when they were putting life support in. they also put the air level too low on the support so i came out of the room using sign language to tell them i couldnt breathe. after that, they tried to get me to go to sleep with all the drugs but i wouldnt and they told me and my mom that they had given my enough meds to take down a grown horse.

    so yeah, im pretty sure i saw what i saw.

    Stay SOLID

  7. when i was 5 i had a strep A infection with chicken pox, and a doctor told me and my mom, in front of me, that i didnt have a good chance of survival. (this doctor went into graphic detail and parents complained and he was at least suspended, may have been fired)

    my mom slept with me in the hospital and one night in a dream she saw jesus holding me in her arms and knew everything would be ok.

    miracles happen...i dont know how some people dont beleive in god. im glad you made it through all that ok.

  8. i dont know y people dont belive in God either; its like not having anything to look forward to or hope for. you cant tell the truth to those who dont want to hear it

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