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Things in your bong

Discussion in 'General' started by speedygreen, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Got the idea wen I read someone say 'don't get bugs in it' or something along those lines.
    Anyway I remember one time I was smoking outside with a couple friends on a hot day and noticed we had a bloody massive fkn fly in the bong how fkn grot haha now I check it every time lol.

    So was wondering has anyone else found something weird or disgusting in the bong?
  2. I found David Hasselhoff one time in my bong. I was strangely ok with it

  3. we handed the blunt to someone to put it out.

    turn around for one second and hear that *ptsssss noise of something going out in liquid...

    the motherfucker dropped the blunt into the bong to put it out....
  4. ^^ FKN LOL HARD

    ^ haha fuk that guy whoever he is such an amateur move on his part, hope he shouted next sesh lol
  5. smoked an ant off the tip of my blunt once.. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time :/

    and i smoked from a bong with a lizard in it but i was fully aware that it was in there lol
  6. I've drooled into a bong but that's it

  7. Thats one of the most embarrasing things that happens IMO

    like.. in fat groups ive gone to take a fat dab and started drooling mid hit and was like well im not gunna fuckin stop..

    Pull my face away from piece with a nice fatty string of saliva still connecting me to the bong..

  8. i would have totally kicked his ass :metal:
  9. mostly just everything nasty and horrible that collected over the last several months of the bong water not being changed haha some of my friends fucking never do i do it for them somethimes
  10. Been there a few times, thankfully was by myself though.

  11. Not only is not changing the bong water gross but it's bad for you bongs can become a breeding ground for bacteria which could very easily give you a lung infection

  12. i know lol that's why i change it for them. but not just that it's smelly as fuck and even coming in contact with a drop of this 'water' near my face makes me cringe
  13. My roommate's bong always has so much fucking resin in it...
  14. We need more to this lizard story.
  15. broken glass :\
  16. #17 WaxPayne, Dec 13, 2012
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    A tooth . While at a party one of the randoms got drunk and tried to hit the bong too rapidly and hit his lips on the outer rim, he grabbed his mouth screaming in pain and spit his fucking tooth into the bong. It was hilarious until we saw the tooth then no one was amused and I'm glad this bong was not my own.
  17. nope, i try to keep my bong clean...
  18. Ahahaha almost had me in tears suck shit to him lol
  19. Change my bong water each sesh

    But I've seen people smoked some fucked up shit.

    My friend smokes tobacco out of his bong, I saw him smoke a half of a swisher out of his bong once. Just took the bowl out, and put the lit swisher in.

    I've also seen another person smoke a rolled up piece of corn tortilla.

    I live in a messed up world

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