Things in life your excited about

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slilent, Oct 13, 2014.

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    For me its fact i maybe getting a xbox again
    Im set to get married in a year
    my current jobs really good
    Plus just found out last night my dude is a badass beat boxer

    Just trying a way to cheer my day and other blades up.

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  2. Lol@ the order of what makes you happy.
    Best not let youre bird see this lol

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  3. Hell yeah brother good to hear! I am super stoked because my girl is almost 8 months pregnant!

  4. Im stoked I just got a raise. I got my court fees payed off. Just got my gaming pc working. Snowmobile riding season is just around the corner, and I can smoke the sweet MJ again in another 2 and a half months.

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  5. Xbox beats marriage every time..
  6. Lol its not in amy order of importance

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  7. Ehh, I suppose I should be excited for college(calm yourself, I'm a 18 yo senior), but what's more exciting is that I'm in love with my gf, but seriously though. This is the first girl I've been truly in love with, and I honestly want to marry her one day, even though I used to tell myself 26 was the earliest I was getting married

    So yeah I'm happy
  8. I'm gonna start glassblowing can't wait😄

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  9. One day I MIGHT hit the lottery. Asides from that, kicking the bucket.
  10. Being alive
    Sponsored grows
    Gettin my tree cut tomorrow
  11. Moving to Tennessee.

    Can't wait!

    Getting my sleeved finish, excited!
  12. I've got a concert to go to on the 20th, a rave on the 25th, then halloween, and moving to Colorado next year ^.^

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  13. these $1500 a week checks.
    ...and thats about it.
  14. Florida possibly getting MMJ approved this election....I hope.....
  15. Mattering.
  16. Gettin off papers the end of this month. Shit is about to get real....again.
  17. fuck ya!! Vote on 2

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  18. Being off of work so I can enjoy my family. I have been trying to balance having a newborn baby and custody of a 5 year old from a previous women while working 6/7 days a week for 6 months strait now. The strain is getting extremely hard and it puts me in a bad spot between fam time and a job where I can easily support them. It makes the time all the better when I do see them tho

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  19. My constipation lifted today. Thank you lord jesus. Blessed be an empty bowel.
  20. Most excited about going to Austin next month for FunFunFun Fest.  

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