Things I Worry About When I'm Stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by cliff_of_dover, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. This is just recently, but this whole phishing scam warning on here... Maybe it's just my inner paranoid stoner, but doesn't that just seem weird?

    Who would want info off of a site like this? Some random hacker? The government?

    These are the things I worry about.

    How about y'all?
  2. Or maybe I just need to learn not to post on here when I'm blazed out of my fucking mind...

  3. You're definitely worrying about it TOO much.

    It could be something as simple as a pissed off banned member. I highly doubt the government would use an easy to kill phishing scam on a bunch of potheads.
  4. Oh yeah, I'm not so much worried about it now that I've come down from that high.

    Paranoia: one of the only unpleasant side effects of pot usage.
  5. I worry about how people are perceiving me all the time if look stoned etc. But this probably is not the point of the thread. :cool:
  6. No, this thread really didn't have a concrete point per say, so your post is totally valid.

    When I'm high out in public, I feel like I try even harder to maintain an appearance of not being high, so much so that I worry people will still think something is up.
  7. I dont worry when Im stoned. So If I worry, I get stoned - No worries:smoking:

  8. I like this.
  9. I only get worried when I'm not stoned.
  10. I only worry when my blunt startz to get smaller and I don't have any treez left

  11. im down to my last gram of kush and i can't reach my friend with the dank hook ups for the past week which sux but ill be happy to t-break though if thats what it comes down to though and save up for a nice amount of budda, but i still have a few days before he leaves out of town for vacation

    end of stash anxiety sucks :smoking:

  12. Yeah, forced t-breaks suck.
  13. i worry that im getting on ppls nerves or that i seem stupid when im high.

  14. weed can defntly cause social anxiety on some days
  15. its true :smoking:
  16. Very true. Although, I worry about that sort of thing even when I'm not high.
  17. I over analysis myself while high.
    Ill just repeat what I said over and over in my head and i always think i sounded soo lame.
  18. Well I do think you're worried too much. But I wonder if cops do keep track of this site and get IP adresses and shit.

  19. THIS.

    haha but yeah man thats exactly what i worry about when im high.

    and whether or not people can tell im high, although thats not necessarily such a big deal
  20. This one time I worried I didnt have enough weed left to blaze again. Now that was troublesome.

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