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  1. So Iv recently germinated the first seed of 2016, time to make a thread to drop my various pictures of what comes out of them.

    Im very small scale personal use only, so I generally aim to have 2 plants, one in veg one in flower at a time, when I harvest I start a new one in its place. Thus far its all autos.
    The more observant of you may notice as things go on theres a strip of coloured tape on each pot, Iv got a system of knowing whats what based on that, but it'll probably mean theres never 2 of the same colour at the same time or one after the other- I'll try to make captions clear as to which plants which but if I fuck it all up it should be obvious that the ones of the same colour have always been the same.

    And with that house keeping out the way lets get on with it:
    Blue Amnesia by Dinafem.
    (I know your already thinking why the hell is blue amnesia coloured grey not blue- Iv previously used blue to mean OG strains (because its the colour of the ocean).)

    The first few days:
    BlAm week1.gif

    end of week 1:
    week 1.JPG

    stay tuned for more pictures of plants getting incrementally bigger
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  2. Looking nice my day 7 will be tomorrow what lights are you using?

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  3. Subbed to you too- looking forward to seeing how your bubblegum turns out, my next plant will likley be a bubblegum type variety.

    Re: Lights- so at any given time there will be 2 plants on the go, Iv got 2 red/blue LED grow lights I think 14w each, one over each plant. Then in between the two of those is a fairly large CFL (cant remember the wattage off the top of my head) that I meant to be for some chili plants but obviously as its not very directional everything is feeling the benefit from it. Current set up is on the floor of my spare room with the lights suspended over using an old mic stand. When the weather picks up a bit Im going to move it all downstairs to a back room I refer to as my workshop (the mrs has ideas of calling it a pantry). But the back door probably isnt the best insulated thing so that room is currently about 4 degrees colder than the spare room, hopefully we're not to far away from the weather reverting to mid winter every weekend.
  4. Thanks mate how about A update picture?

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  5. It hadnt done much worth photographing last time I poked my head in, I'm currently working ~70 miles away, I'll update when I'm back if it's done anything notable. I'll probably keep updates approximately weekly as we go forth unless it's growing like a monster and needs documenting more often.
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  6. Ah i see, awesome can't wait

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  7. Its the weekend and that can only mean one thing: Time for the end of week 2 picture.

    Week 2.JPG
    This week has seen the second set of leave develop and the first set grow pretty big. third set look to be coming shortly. Hasnt really grown vertically at all- seemed to do all of that on day 2 in one go.
  8. How far are the lights from it? Could you move them closer?

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  9. Led 2ft maybe. Can't really move the light, could put somthing under the plant to raise it if I was worried. Cfl much easier to change height and is probably somthing like 7 inches from the plant.
    I'm not overly worried about light levels - it would be stretching more if it needed the light closer, not easy to tell from the photos but after the first week it seemed unusually tall and skinny for its level of leaf development - I think it's the result of having a plastic bag to increase humidity for the first few days cutting down on some light and it stretching then.
  10. Sounds good lights can be 4inches away for optimal growth just make sure it's not too hot 3 inches away this way the plant won't stretch out much and even if stretching isn't a problem you can get better results as the plant gets more light. You can move the cfl closer for now I'm sure the cfl can be 3 inches away I'm not experienced with the led but I'm sure it doesn't need to be that far away but moving your plant up to where it won't burn would benefit you a lot.

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  11. i'll try raising it a bit, see what happens. I'll do it later tonight.
    LED produces pretty much zero heat, so as long as its not touching burning isnt a concern- as the plant gets wider the defining point on how far it will have to be will be the angle of dispersion of the light, if i raise it real close leaves will stick out the side of the beam which will be worse than the benifit of the middle ones being slightly nearer.
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  12. looks like my idea of an inch was a little off, im sat infront of it with a ruler now.
    The plant is 8.5cm tall.
    LED 18" from top leaves, CFL just under 6.
    and some rearrangement and a pile of old wifi routers later- LED 10" (and the light is noticeably more intense on the leaf surface) CFL about 4" but at a much more sideways angle than above (I tend to rotate the plant a couple of times a day so its like the sun moving in the sky and it dosnt grow to one side so hopefully this wont become too intense. I could make the angle less extreme by raising the cfl higher but a) thatd be further from this plant b) its worse for the other plants using the cfl)
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  13. Nice just try your best not to burn the plant :) and all will be fine

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  14. Also the stem is really stretched try supporting it until you transplant and can support it with soil by planting it slightly deeper and cover it with the soil bury the stem basically :) I'm sure you get the idea

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  15. its a worry. The one Iv currently got in flower has a leaf thats pretty badly burnt because I went away on buisness for maybe 3 days, came back and found its branch had moved/grown quite a bit and thought the best thing for it would be to see how much light it could find by trying to grow through the side of the cfl into the middle of the coil. Since then if im going to be unable to look in on them for more than 24hrs I'll move everything back a bit.
  16. Ah i understand best to leave the Lights a bit higher when you go away for a few days i even move my Plant lower when I'm not going to be home for a few hours lol cause my temperatures always high :)

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  17. beefed up the base of the stalk with a little extra soil but it does seem to be noticeably thickening anyway.

    Id probably consider my default lighting state to be like your out the house for a while state- even when Im not away its not uncommon for me to work 16-18hr days. On days off I check in on them a little more regularly (I do most my paperwork in that room anyway) but, untill harvest time atleast, its all working on the assumption I'll be in once a day in the morning to check on things.
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  18. Nice, Good idea :)

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  19. End of the 3rd week, we're on day 20 I think.
    week 3.JPG
    Hard to tell what its doing height wise exactly due to the reburying, but I think its put on about 2cm. Stem has thickened noticeably since last week.
    2nd leaves are now baisically where the first were last week, 1st grown a bit, and the 3rd have come to life properly in the last 2 days or so, the first sprouts of set 4 are just visible.
    It does look a little lighter than it was, so Iv moved it slightly further from the leds again to prevent bleaching.
    Probably a little bit behind where Id like to be but its been pretty cold and very low humidity a lot this week so its been a little outside optimal growing conditions.

    Iv another plant looking pretty close to harvest, so there will be pictures of that either this week or next. and shortly after her replacement will be going up.

    stay tuned...
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