Things I could need for a mega smoke session?

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  1. So, a friend of mine and I are planning on buying two new killer bongs and spending the night at my house smoking ourselves retarded with some tight nit homies. We already bought 2 ounces, and we're planning on at least an ounce between 4 people in one night..... Anyway, why i'm making a thread, i'm open to any kick ass ideas.

    Post your suggestions for smoking games to play, things to eat, things to do, video games, etc, so I can pick out the best. Let's call it charity, because I can't offer any valuable form of payment (insufficient E-penis).
  2. Haha sounds like unofficial 4/20.

    Well, some awesome drinks... Juice or Mountain Dew or whatever you like. Maybe energy drinks to stay awake. Good food, especially stuff you can heat up. Movies and music are a given. Uhh...girls?
  3. Lots and lots of pizza bagels.

    Maybe some electric guitars/basses and amps? Even my non-musician friends have fun fucking around on the instruments in my studio when they're over and high. Anything sounds like music if you're high enough :D
  4. i prefer doing whatever i want during the moment when i have things "planned out" it feels artificial if you know what i mean
  5. Girls and condoms will be plentyful, until 3 AM when I am kicking out every damn slut in the place. And those bitches won't be getting any weed, they can drink shit loads of the vodka I have and don't want. I'm fed up of waking up next to some girl which I ave no recollection of meeting and others scattered across the living room, kitchen, bathroom and sometimes shed (true story, scared the shit out of me).

    I'm thinking grandma's boy for a movie, horrendously bad, so far that it is good again.
  6. See if you can roll a couple cross joints :p

    Chicken wings, toasters strudel and fruit roll-ups :D
  7. Food

    • chex mix
    • pizza (cheap ass dollar ones that you can throw in the microwave)
    • brownies
    • cookies
    • cheese cake
    • peanuts
    • pringles
    • apples, grapes, mangoes, banana, any fruit
    Shit to do

    • mario kart, marvel alliance, nhl 09, mortal kombat, super mario world
    • step brothers, fresh prince, blazing saddles, airplane, tim and eric awesome show
    • get a bunch of fucking lego's, shit is crazy when you're baked as hell
    • build a ramp and build something to sit in and jump the ramp
    • climb a tree and smoke up there
    • play guitar / drums / bass / trombone whatever
    • get a big piece of paper and paint on it
    • water balloons
    • fireworks
    • jump off of shit
    • tie rope to two people and run opposite directions
    • carve something out of a piece of wood
    • play stratego

    Stuff you should have ready

    • plenty of lighters, water, and comfortable ass furniture
    • good tunes
  8. I would have forgotten that shit *writes on list*

    Thanks for the list to the blade above. Gonna get a couple of good ideas from that.

    I sure like planning shit out :p
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    umm.. try to find some of your favorite videos on youtube and favorite em so they're ready to watch na mean? Or also some websites that make you trip ( see below ) its happened before, my homies and I will huddle around the computer and start watching videos or whatever and its nice to just have em ready, since it sounds like you're gonna be high as fcuk you won't be too good at typing.

    the website is ( it has nothing to do with the movie, which btw you should also have, in case ya'll wanna watch a movie.)
  10. QFT. Seriously, what an epic list.


  12. woaaaah easy on there, killer share your weed with the ladies :)

    and girls are a delicate flower that should be treated as such:p not sluts, k? ahaha
    seriously, share your weed, boy.
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    Right first things first lots and lots of water
    Lighters lots of em you can never have too many, skins, get a wii mad craic, uhhhh most imprtantly....
    youll need a grill
    -grilled marshmellow sandwichs:hello:
    -girlled cheese
    -ice cream
    -apples(a nescessity for any session)
    -baby food
    -baby biscuits and milk
    -sliced cheese
    -baking materials(baking stoned is so much fun)
    -peanut butter and jelly/jam (if your not american) sandwichs
    -cans of tuna... tuna melts are THE SHIT
    -fajitas making them is so much home
    -fruit... i love fruit

    Oh almost forgot... Love.... bring lots of Love:smoking:
    Bring some lady friends
  14. Sunglasses, water, chapstick, cigarettes, condoms.
    Some crazy good music.
    Some crazy good lovers.
    Sounds like fun.
  15. Play a drinking game, except take a hit instead of a drink. I don't know why I've never thought to play a smoking game before, but it could be some fun. If you are serious about running through an ounce in one night that may be a quick/fun way to get some of it done.
  16. Play Baseball!
    (The smoking game.)
  17. You know what I would make, Gusher Burritos. Just roll up gushers in a fruit-roll-up, that shit would be bomb, brah. Oh, shit make a G bong out of a kiddie pool, I'd rip it.

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