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  1. this is somewhat of a vent i guess

    I'm (was) involved in drum corps. If you dont know what that is, it's basically "professional marching band". I'm also in college. Those are two real fucking expensive things.

    A season of drum corps takes up just about all of summer. From mid-may until mid-august. You tour the country competing against other drum corps. It probably sounds lame to people who aren't a part of it, but to me it was gonna be one of the best experiences of my life so far.

    I'm not rich, wealthy, well off, whatever you wanna call it. My family is middle working class. Both of my parents have jobs, my mom has 2 and my dad is looking for another one. They are working so much to help pay the bills and help my brother and I through college. I work as much as I can in the cafeteria of my dorm hall to pay for books and other things (I've reeeeally cut down on the bud I've been buying). I have loans up the ying-yang and that's where the problem is with drum corps.

    If i went away and did drum corps this summer, not only would I be out $2,250... but i would also not be able to work and earn money. So it's kind of a lose-lose situation in that respect. My dad called me today because he wanted to say that I'm not going to be able to do drum corps because of the money situation.

    Shitty day for me. Just thought I'd share... Any ideas? Jokes?
  2. Who do you march for? If you say the Cavaliers or Phantom Regiment I'll kill you :p
  3. If you look for happiness look for it in the now, in this moment. Sounds like you have a good family, why not spend the time you'd have been away with them more?
  4. It sucks, but your just gonna have to accept its not possible. Thats a downside of capitalism, you can work hard and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day, barely being able to keep a roof over your head and your family fed.

    Suck it up man, and do your best to support your parents.
  5. glassmen
  6. Well, it's definitely too bad that your summer isn't going to be the way you planned. But this could be a good thing.

    --You'll be saving yourself $2,250
    --You'll be able to work all summer and earn a shitload of cash
    --You can plan an even better trip for when your budget allows it

    I know it's disappointing when things don't work out. Do your best to stay positive though. Work your ass off this summer and think of a kickass trip you'd like to take.

    Best of luck man :)
  7. Ah alright. Mad respect then. Yall's mellophone section is BEAST!

    As for not being able to march, that really sucks dude, but you'll be helping your family out...and that's what is important. I don't know whether you would have to audition for a spot again or not, but there's always next season.
  8. haha thanks dawg

    yeah i'm thinking that it is for the best that i'll be able to work this summer and help with all that stuff... as for the next season part.. this would be my ageout year
  9. Damn dude, almost 21 eh?

    I wanted to march with Crossmen so bad after I got out of high school. Auditioned (mellophone), got in, but then I made the decision to go away for college, which meant I would have no money to march. I still did my thing with the university band, but it wasn't the same...I always wanted to be a part of DCI.

    It's awesome that you had that experience though! I'm sure it's something you're gonna remember for the rest of your life

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