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things become clear

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krizzykrook, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Is it just me, or has anyone else after starting to smoke began to see all the bullshit society tells us about EVERYTHING, its ridiculous. Also i almost have a hatred for people who are so ignorant about weed, like i almost want to yell at them? is this normal?
  2. You're exaggerating heavily.
  3. sounds about right to me man poor misinformed bastards.
  4. Yeah I kinda see where you're coming from. There's lots of closed minded people out there, but if you become a hateful stoner saying that everyone should smoke weed, everyone should 'fight the power' and shit without having really good reasons, you're just as closed minded as they are.
  5. The herb reveals the truth.
  6. The herb alters your state of consciousness. If you want to call that "the truth", then go ahead, but it's nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain.
  7. Herb reveals the truth man. Same thing happened to me
  8. It calms your mind and you think about what's important IMO.

    Though the hatred thing isn't normal and sounds like a defense mechanism
  9. you cant force people to see it your way. its good to understand where people are coming from; they have heard time and time again that drugs are bad and ruin peoples lives, so the prospect of there being some safe drugs out there doesnt really mean much to them since theyve heard that all drugs are bad throughout their whole lives. and from their point of view, even if marijuana isnt that bad, they figure that its not going to help their lives so its better they dont do it.
  10. I agree. I think that doing your own research on marijuana has shown how ignorant everyone is and how fucked up our government is, so it makes you wonder about other things. Everyone here should watch "The Union" on youtube. Its a documentary about marijuana/hemp/cannabis and is very interesting and factual.
  11. Doing research on any subject will show how ignorant everyone is.

    I could show you how ignorant you are on computer security or the cardiovascular system. Is that a reason for me to be mad?

    Again, any research shows this.

    And biased. Dont forget biased.
  12. Blaming people for being ignorant?

    Don't hate the player man, hate the game.
  13. 1. Every self-respecting stoner has seen The Union.
    2. Research on anything generally shows that people are ignorant about it.
    3. You can look at nearly any area of government and see that it's fucked up.
    4. Please learn to think critically.

  14. haha ive watched the whole thing its great, and i guess im just upset to see how ignorant some people are i guess
  15. yah agree with you.

    but have some faith in people. There are people who you think they know it all (THE MAN) and will tell you this and that, but it really comes down to you to try the experience.
  16. no he's not actually... i realized SO MUCH bull shit , especially after smoking, that is fed to people. it is really, that, ridiculous... but op research for yourself ! any body can throw their biased views on something to make it look a certain way ! Our government does that everyday.
  17. #17 DirtyB, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    But why should someone who doesn't know about the subject spew out bullshit that they made up or just ignorantly think?
    They shouldn't. It's just common sense, why speak about a subject you know nothing about?

    On Topic: I do the literal exact same thing. I do it everytime, and it's affected me in what I think a beneficial way. After I realize all the bullshit, I start looking for kinks in systems that are in fact bullshit.
    This is what has compelled me to start googling everything I hear about, I love having knowledge on random shit.
  18. Same with the other side. The Union is a great movie, full of good information, everyone really should watch it, but it is biased.

    He is exaggerating. Heavily.
  19. I usually assume that these people mean anyone who doesnt like weed.
  20. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']It calms your mind and you think about what's important IMO.

    Though the hatred thing isn't normal and sounds like a defense mechanism[/quote]

    Sounds right to me

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