Things Artists Should Quit Doing

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  1. I hate it when groups or singers or whatever do these three things:

    1. Have "Interludes" or "Skits" between every other damn song. This is predominantly a rap thing.

    2. Record a song for a movie that appears on the movie's soundtrack, but then they don't put the song on their own album! Some people probably won't agree with this one because they might download the MP3 or something, but for the rest of us who buy albums it sucks ass if you want all of a group's songs and have to buy a damn soundtrack with other music you don't give a shit about.

    3. Put out a "Greatest Hits" album when they're not even done making music (AKA the Aerosmith syndrome). How many greateset hits albums can one band have? Look at Aerosmith or Rolling Stones who put out how many greatest hits albums but coninued to record afterwards. I mean, maybe its just me, but I thought greatest hits albums were for when you were retired or died tragically in a plane crash.

    I know there are things done in music that piss the rest of you off.
  2. Dude, you're like totally harshing my mellow.
  3. yeah i understand what your saying but i don't really care sense my computer is too slow to download songs and i can't afford to buy cds.
  4. Yer. Prince REALLY pisses me off too. Why call yourself "the artist formally known as" because he still is known as prince to you or I. Why not call himself "The artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as the artist formarly known as Prince"?

    Very much like a broken penci.
  5. yeah prince pissed me off with that one too.

    i have specific examples as opposed to broad ones:

    destiny's child: i'm NOT a fan, so this annoys me even more: is there even ONE original group member other than the girl whose father is the manager? talk about daddy's lil girl. why can't they seem to get along with each other, ever?

    American Idol... O-Town, the band that was made on MTV... all these "reality so-you-want-to-be-a-rock-star" shows(I think VH1 had one too).. would ANY of these people REALLY make it big without a huge network banking MASS profit on the ratings and backing them up with daily commercials??? NOT.

    Puff Daddy: BUTCHERED the Police's "Every Breath you Take," DESTROYED Zeppelin's "Kashmir." talentless wannabe who calls ripping entire songs off and putting rap over them "music"

    the Who: going on tour despite John Entwistle's death. I just thought it was tacky, ESPECIALLY after Phishhead read me a quote from Pete Townshend, who announced at a concert something along the lines of "don't feel sorry for him(Entwistle), he CHOSE not to be here." never mind HE was majorly into drugs (and probably still dabbles) as well. talk about "all about the $" and not being tasteful about a long-time friend/bandmember.

    britney spears: self-proclaimed role model to young girls, recipient of VERY OBVIOUS boob job. self-proclaimed virgin-til-married, but when recently asked about rumors of her having sex tells the media her "sex life is none of your business." what sex life?! SHE brought up the virginity issue, and is now backing out of her earlier claims. what exactly is she trying to tell our youth?! her boobs themselves 10 steps backward for womankind.

    i could go on but i'm getting pretty borderline bitchy on the ones i listed, and that's not really my style.

    oh and tulku btw, the whole "creating songs for soundtracks but not putting them on the album" is a marketing ploy. You love the band, love the song, but have to buy the entire soundtrack just to get the song - it's how soundtracks sell. and yeah, it bites, but that's why. personally i've found that sometimes soundtracks are really good! i personally liked the "clueless" soundtrack even though the movie was lame lol!

  6. Oh those are all good ones ganjaphish. I friggin hate Puff Daddy and Britney Spears.
  7. i know... i was truly dissapointed when they used that song for a car commercial... after literally DECADES of refusing to, the remaining zeppelin members SOLD OUT... and not even for something as worthy as a decent film...

    that's ok, though, "slowride" was an excellent choice to end "Dazed & Confused" with, and i love that song... i wouldn't have picked "rock'n'roll" as the song to be played though, if it would be a zeppelin song i'd really pick probably more like immigrant song or black dog.

  8. I'm not a fan or nothin of any of them but damn, ya'll need to chill...Don't even bother hatin nobody, its just a waste of time....Just be like, fuck em and dont pay attention ya know what im sayin?
  9. I know I felt kind of bitchy... But when people throw themselves out in public, they're bound to get SOME criticism. Besides as a former music critic & current music LOVER, it's kind of a hobby to keep an eye on the music industry as a whole.
  10. im not fond of bands that are like in their late twenties/early thirties singin like theyre still in high school

    not really fond of commercial hip hop like that all the artists talk about havin all this money and what im suppose to respect them cause theyre makin money
  11. I guess I was smokin a lot and was all in a peaceful feelin when I said that ganjaphish, I dont like most of them either, and there's some people I just hate....Like Carson Daily, I've wanted to beat his ass for years...Maybe someday if I lose all my money and end up on the streets i'll drive down to New York and get on that TRL show and throw him out the window :) Now back to my session.....
  12. lol dude i met carson daly when he was still a disc jockey for a station in the bay area. he was a certified DORK (not that it's a bad thing, but still)!!!
    i am still shocked at how much he has changed into a mtv robot that everyone thinks is hottie.

    i don't hate him that bad, but TRL is pretty freakin lame.

    i'll stop hatin on musicians though, they had to work hard for where they are now, no matter how much you think they didn't.

    even vanilla ice deserves lovin.
  13. yeah...

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  14. bling bling, money ain'a thing
  15. *whispers* I just started to slang some weed and hash so I got stacks of them!! but dont tell nobody though, its a secret....back to sssmoke
  16. not for him..not anymore!! pooooor guy.
  17. blah blah blah

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  18. bands that make it their point to be popular, while the actual good bands end up flying under the radar and being considered underground.
  19. I agree with the first one. I hate em.
  20. You know though, Jimmy Page even played the riff for him.

    And Jimmy Page can do whatever the fuck he wants.

    So while P. may still be needing a severe beating, he gets off by default, for having Jimmy behind his back./

    And I really don't care what the fuck artists do, none of us really should either. They don't do it for the fans, despite what they say. They do it for themselves, and they do it the way feels that best to them. It's their expression.

    There is one thing though; They have to stop poppin' off before their fucking god damned time.

    I almost hate Hendrix... his music made millions of people love him, and love his creation... and he left so early that such a small majority got to actually experience the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    R.I.P... you guys know who you are.

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