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Things around The House To Smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MeAndMaryJane, May 16, 2011.

  1. Yea so me and my buddies are pretty baked right now and I was wondering if there is anything around the house that can be smoked (Not exactly to get high, just for a few smoke rings and shit like that) Stuff like.......Tea? Maybe even oregano? idk :p
  2. Idiot.

    EDIT: Besides the fact your an idiot. You can smoke Tea. BUT WHY? Do you not have bud?
  3. You could smoke tea and oregano. Any herb in your kitchen might work. Just go buy a black and mild or captain blacks
  4. Crush up some cheerios and smoke em it fucks you up.
  5. Start smoking cigs, can blow all the rings ya want :)
  6. yea were all out of bud, smoked a good 8g, now we just need a little somethin else, haha any ideas, all the stores are closed by where we live
  7. Tea is good but it really depends what kind you have. What all do you have in your house
  8. how the fuck would we know if the stores are closed or not where you live?
  9. Call me the Baskin Robin's of tea, but I have at least 31 flavors.......of tea...........
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  10. Back in freshmen year we were high as fuck and were bored so we rolled a fat ass blunt of oregano. Was stupid as hell now that I think of it but it will be a good story to tell haha
  11. Go buy a pack of smokes for fuck sakes haha. Shit, it's probably better for you than smoking tea.

  12. no i meant if there was any household shit so we dont need to leave the house
  13. You smoked eight grams and now you are lucid?
  14. Maybe you could use Chamomile Tea
  15. I usually stay out, but try Ajax, Comit, anything under the cabinet would do the gene pool nicely! God help us all.
  16. if you got 31 flavors of tea then just start trying all of them.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Kid smokes candy!![/ame]
  18. i smell bullshit in this thread lol and something makes me think that the OP is not atleast 18.
    your telling me that you smoked over a quarter ounce of weed and not you are out so you want to find something around the house that you can smoke? lmao i call bullshit
  19. i feel you i like to smoke too lol i dont do this shit though. you could smoke nutmeg, parsley, orageno. i wouldnt do tea as most is a little to fine, sorta like smoking shake. you cant be sure your not going to fuck up your lungs though, recognize that the shits NOT met to be smoked

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