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  1. Christmas.

    The great boon of the consumer economy.
    But, thru all the hype, sales, blatant commercialism, and crowds, I try to hold on to the fact that it means something more. No, I'm not going into a "Jesus is the reason" rant. I'm talking about time spent with friends and family. That's what keeps me putting up with all the stress and financial worry. Once the shopping's done, I allow the spirit tp come over me.

    Tomorrow night the shopping will be done. So tonight I'm in training. Loosening up the hammies, practicing throwing elbows, taking my high speed shopping cart driving course.

    I am ready.

    Bring on the fat lady with 7 kids in Wal-Mart blocking my path to the last item on my list. Tomorrow they will feel the wrath of COMMANDO SHOPPER!

    If you are a fat lady with 7 kids who hangs out at Wal-Mart, I wish to apologize now. 'Tis the season ya know...........

    Which brings me to another point.

    Christmas = stress

    Being a father of 2, husband, son, uncle, nephew, etc.
    I now understand why Santa was always drunk when I was young. I always thought it had something to do with the cheery part.

    Or, maybe it was what he had in the pipe.:)

    But oh, the memories!

    Seeing Santa fall off the porch, be attacked by the family dog, or passed out in the garage.

    It warms my heart still!

    I'm going to REALLY busy from here until the night I don the Santa suit, (yes, I was elected this year), take a few shots of Crown and prepare to fall off the porch to create some memories for the next generation.



    With much love to ALL my friends in the world,
  2. Merry Christmas to you and all!

    Friends and family is what it is all about. Try to have a great christmas with out it. For the love of all people, let this be the most enjoyable times of our lives.

    Smokie, look out for the fat ladie with 7 kids! I herd through the grape vine that she has taken karate, voodoo, or something like that. She'll kick your ass and make you beg to leave the store!! Good luck on the shopping!

    To the friends of Grasscity high,

  3. would ya'll stop calling me names.
    happy holidays folks
  4. *~*~*~*~*~*MERRY CHRISTMAS*~*~*~*~*~*

    To all my new stoner friends........thank you for bein so cool to me and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.
    Smoky-do a shot for me!!
    Hiwatha-wish I could help ya with yer 'puter. Good luck!!!
    Bud Head-just remember-I was my daddy's favorite little girl!!! Look out!!!!LOL!!!!!
    Stonygurl-You've been the coolest. Happy holidays and stay stoned!!
    Tazz-I know you're out there!!! Love and big hugs to ya!! Good luck!!!
    ......and everyone else.....Be Safe.....Be Kind.....and let's all be good and STONED for Christmas!!!!!
  5. Happy Holidays to All!!!!!!!!

    It's been awhile since I've seen some of u but it'll change soon enough.

  6. Hell Yeah. Merry Christmas to an awesome set of friends.
  7. :smoking: :eek: :D
  8. Wonderfully stated smokinokie! Love, Peace , and Turkey grease all; enjoy the time you have for rest this season. Celebrate it and smile! and smoke a fat one for me! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Ramidon, Yum Kippur and Hannukah. Everybody get happy!
  9. Merry Christmas you guys!
    There is more to this time than just presents and consumer products painted in red-and-green for the hell of it, it is about friends and family, and well I'm a nerd but the Spirit of Christmas! :)

    Good luck surviving the depths of the holiday shopping-craze, I witnessed some seriously ugly lines @ the mall picking something up last-minute! I pray for those who still have more to do~ :)

    I hope you all spend your holidays with those who you love, and are close to your heart...
    Love and Peace~
  10. It's all commercialized. We are an industry brother.
  11. Where the fuck did you dig this thread up from lol
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  12. A 14 year old resurrection? LOL Gotta be a record!!
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  13. I'm a legend
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  14. 2001 wtf happened?????
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