Things Are Going Great! For Once!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxnickpwnsxX, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Whats up GC? ya boy been goin thru a lot of rough shit lately but remember after a rainy day the sun will shine again.

    I just got hired as an Electrician (green thumb apprentice) Starting at $10 an hour :hello: Im working in the warehouse for the first 3-6 months but thats fine, 6AM-2PM 40+ hours a week :D I am getting drug tested the 25th so Im already Detoxing. Mad water, green tea, and cranberry juice. Im also buying a detox drink just to be 100% sure. Im gunna have my car back on the road within a month and I will be able to move out within 4-5 months :D:D:D:D Im so happy! They drug test 1-3 times a year but fuck it im quitting weed. I no it sucks but Id rather be banking it then get high, Ive had my fun.

    Each 6 months you get a raise and 2 vacations a year :cool: Within 2 years I should be making 12-15 an hour woot woot Now lets hope I pass this DT!

    One Love
  2. have fun man, dont forget about mary jane, im sure shes always treated you right. i really wouldnt quit weed just cuz 1-3 drug tests a year...
  3. Thats great man, it sucks you have to part ways with the herb but to each his own. good luck
  4. After my DT i can smoke for a few weeks but thats fine. Id rather be making money
  5. im taking a massively huge T-Break for a few months . i dont even really get high anymore smoking buds.
  6. Nice bro, looks like shit's going good for you now.

    And good call on quitting the bud, shows you got self control.

    Never quit acid though. :D
  7. sorry mistake double post.
  8. Yea definitely quit smoking.

    You REALLY don't wanna take a chance with DT's.

    And it seems like you have something good going for ya.

    There's always times where it's good to take a break from something and right now it looks as if it's time for your break.

    Keep your head up!

    Things are looking good for you!
  9. And I got my car cleaned out(been sitting for 3 months) and charged it and started it ^_^ nothings wrong just no insurance, so within one month I will have my car back YAAAY:hello: and a few more and im gunna have my own place! I cant wait
  10. dude just readin this now. electrician. good shit. dude those once u get a specialty in it you can make good bank
  11. Yea these guys on my soccer team that are like 17, they all work as electricians and get like 45/hour
  12. Do you have to be qualified to work as an electrician?

    That's good to hear man. I thought shit was getting better for a while until life stuffed it all back in my face. I got a job two weeks ago, which was good. But they only pay $7.25/hour and dont give many hours.

    I dont get my first check til Mon and hopefully, if taxes dont take too much out, it should be over $200. But shit's just not looking very good for me. I'm glad to hear someone's doing good though.

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