Thing you enjoy talking about while high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ChadCharming, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I'd like to learn about celestial navigation.

    My wife and I hitched a ride as part of a crew totalling 4 on a 37' from Thailand to Sri Lanka a few years ago, and I haven't really stopped thinking about it, or reading books about sailing since.
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  2. Also like to Talk about What if Super Powers in People were Real an What ones iwould Want an What I Would do with them if I Had it.

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  3. History and my most deep and personal beliefs about the universe, if there is a god or not or even several gods.
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  4. "One-der land" is that it's name.
    Where everything exists only as a single line?
    Line world? ....that would be cool...
    Fuck man... what's it pissin called!!!
    I refuse to Google!
    I'll keep ranting untill it pop's into my head!
    Fuckin aghhhhhh I know what you mean though...
    I think....
  5. There is " god "
    But god is not what religious people believe it is.

    Only an atheist can truly understand what "god" is and how it is one with us.
    Only an atheist can access and control the powers of "god "

    Because only atheist aren't blinded from birth to the power of "god " and what it really is.

    God is an intelligent force that creates us but it isn't something that controls us, or defines us...
    God is Us!

    A person can only understand that though once they truly understand themselves.

    I'll never argue my methods. If you don't agree that's fine. Post your comments but I won't bite on it.
    Enlightenment can only be attained.
    Much like peace, it can never be fought for :)
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  6. I would have the power of persuasion....


    "Here mate, give me your wallet then convince yourself you gave it to a homeless guy "



    The possibilities are endless and you don't need any more wishes because every one will do what you say.
    Yup...still haven't got passed "let's freeze time in a swimming pool " iether mate.
    Might have to kill me before that happens though:)
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  7. Music for sure as it's my biggest hobby
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  8. Sex
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  9. When I'm really high, I'll talk about anything.
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  10. A lot of the same things I like to talk about anyways.


    And anything else on the menu
  11. if it's me and the boys it's sports. Love to talk about sports when I get high.
  12. Hey you know everybodys talking about the good ol' days, right? Eeeeverybody; "the good ol' days", "good ol' days..."
    Well let's talk about them
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  13. Y'know when my main concern was when I could get high next? Those were the good old days. But it turns out I probably should've been concerned with more than just getting high...
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  14. Time keeps slipping
    And I keep falling
  15. Pretty much everything, man. Some favorites from the positive end of the spectrum:

    -The animal kingdom, what it can do and how impressive our planet is
    -Technology, what it can do and how impressive human beings are
    -Examining why you're friends with your friends, why you love your girlfriend, why you appreciate your sister, why your dog is the fuckin' man, anything that lets you explore that feelgood stuff away from the awkwardness of sobriety
    -Politics, as long as it can be done with people you know have control of their emotions

    Best of all is just talking random shit and laughing, though. :D
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  16. Food. Movies. Music. Video games. Smoking more. Art. Serial Killers cause i'm a weirdo. Sex. The same stuff I talk about sober, just way less reserved.
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  17. Reminiscing
    Space / speed of light & sound
    Funny movies and quotes
    Weed strains & growing
    Alternate realities
    The matrix
    Crazy ex girlfriends
    Hot women
    Great Foods
    Your momma’s so fat jokes. Lol. Jk, but trash talk is fun.
    How cute my dog looks when he’s panting :)

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  18. Ohh lets see here. Conspiracy theories, the universe, religion/spirituality, TV/Movies, music and anything that really goes..
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  19. I love serial killers. xd Well not what they did but they are interesting and I own a book one of them wrote.
  20. Time travel
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