Thing you enjoy talking about while high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ChadCharming, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Let me know
    New here
    First post lol
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  2. I can't remember !

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  3. Music
    Quantum Physics (very much a rookie here)
    Cool stories that folks haven't heard 10 times.

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  4. Are we their yet ....have we landed can I remove my mask where's the duty free? ....etc
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  5. Quantum physics is fucked up!
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  6. Most mind blowing thing ive been in stoned convo for recently is the 2 slot experiment.
    Some dudes accidentally proved that the theory of our reality being non existent could be true. Matrix style, we all live in some generated world as avatars kinda shit.

    Basically they fired photons of light at a target, through board with a slits in it and watched what happened.
    They realised that the photons had different behaviours when the were filmed or people were there to witness it.
    When nobody was there to see it and the camera was turned off the light hit in different places.

    That means the light changed behaviour intelligently and that something only existed because someone was there to view it.
    Easy way to explain it is like when you play a computer game. The full level exists but each part of the level only exists once you get their to see it. Untill then its something else. Data, a disk, a digital signal but its not physically there.

    Thats some fucked up shit like.
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  7. Almost like one dimensional strings.

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    My Kids
    My Husband
    Video Games
    My Garden
    Weapons of any Kind.

    Lots of other stuff too I can't Remember it all tho.

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  9. Yesterday at a party talking Spanish to a group who I thought Spanish
    imitating Tv cop show Bosch in Spanish (went like a brick)

    Los Turcos no hablan Español, Wo'stok
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  10. Weapons of any Kind. Have you been protesting?
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  11. Nope...Right Now I Feel like People in General are my Problem don't matter what Skin Color they are I don't like any Humans so why would I go where there are alot of them? People are just to Evil!
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  12. I'm happy to talk anything when I'm stoned, but I s'pose I've got a few favourite subjects.

    Nature and Natural Sciences
    Water Sports

    Mate, are you a sailor? I've recently become obsessed with the idea of sailing, and am actively looking to get my first boat.
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  13. Also I forget to Mention Space an Life on other Planets.

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  14. Me and the Mrs are into some extreme water sports. Pretty sure were on different tracks though lol.
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  15. One of my best friends took me out in a 24 footer a few years ago.
    We were the only two sailing and planned to be on the water for about 5 days.
    He taught me everything there was to know and then put me through the paces.

    I loved it.
    He was also impressed by my navigation skills from many years of map reading and compass work.
    We pretty much sailed 24 hours a day, even when the Sea of Cortez had 6-8 foot waves.

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  16. London EC3- UK.jpg
    The subject itself is one a foreigner could become quite pissed with...?
  17. Lately it's been discussing the direction in which the grain on my couch falls vs. The amount of time said couch is being suffocated by my ass. Poor couch. I'm just sofaking comfortable

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  18. Also just like Reminiscing on my Past an my Husband both do that a lot when we High lol.

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  19. Aww don't mate that one just plain stresses me out lol.
    Gender infused little creeps.
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  20. the universe! and conspiracy theories about anything
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