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  1. i play my guitar around my waist area, and i have trouble sometimes reaching the 5th or 6th string with my pinky finger. anybody know of any really thin necked guitars?
    also what are some that have complete access to like the 15 and on frets.

    thanks guys
  2. Sounds like you should probably raise your strap so that it's more comfortable and you have better control of all your fingers without straining. Your left hand is supposed to be bent at an angle, not stretched straight down. (Assuming you're playing a right handed guitar) I don't know, I've never heard of someone needing a thinner neck for this reason.
  3. hike it up a little. You'll be able to play better.

    Les pauls have pretty narrow necks though.
  4. what about paul reed smiths? i was thinking about the se standard.
  5. Raise up the strap a bit. I play with my strap almost all the way up, it makes it a BUNCH easier to play. It's not about "looking cool" with your strap low, it's about sounding good.
  6. your askin for carpitunel syndrome bendin your wrist like that...i know it looks cool but unless you come over top the neck like jeff healy your gonna have pain that will only get worse...
  7. I'm lucky, I play best with my strap as low as I can go, and I get to look like Jimmy Page :D.

    I hike it up a bit once in awhile for really softer melodic scores... but when I'm playing lead or a rock rhythm, I can be a bit more wild and put a lot more energy in to playing, with greater attack, by keeping the guitar lower.

    Some just have it low for looks of course... but it CAN be a personal preference in reguards to the actual quality of playing.

    Btw, SG style guitars are usually great for playing the high frets... and the thinnest necks I can think of are typically Ibanez, but I'd say go with an ESP. Relativally good action on the high frets, with great neck profiles.

  8. LP's have some of the thickest necks.

    Try some ibanez guitars, they're usually thin.
  9. The shred style guitars usually have the thiner necks.

    Ibanez, Jackson, Charvel etc.

    Jackson necks are thinner than Ibanez, but theyre a bit taller.

    Ive played a few music mans with pretty thin necks.
  10. jacksons are usually pretty thin...i think instead of finding a thinner neck, you should try to master a standard size type like a strat, then all thinner neck guitars will be faster for you...if you get really good at playing a strat or similar, a jackson or ibanez will be easier and you will appreciate the work you put into playing the thicker necked ax and you will fly on the thinner fretboard!
  11. It's the same concept as using thick-or-the-straight-up-thickest-you-can-find strings. Not only is the tone from heavier gauged strings just f'n heavenly, after you've become comfortable with them, any string of a lower gauge will just be icing on the cake.

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