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  1. A few weeks ago I started this thread, since then my closet sat without any growth because I have been too busy to make a trip to the dispensary to get seeds or clones.

    Last night I went to get the Purple Kush that I'm currently smoking from a friend and he blessed me with 6 thin mint seeds plus about 20 bag seeds.

    So today is Day 1 of my new grow journal.
    Apollo 4x2 Grow Tent
    2X GalaxyHydro 300w LED
    70% Happy Frog 30% Perlite
    _DSC2110.jpg _DSC2111.jpg _DSC2113.jpg _DSC2116.JPG _DSC2117.jpg _DSC2123.jpg _DSC2124.jpg
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  2. It's been about 20 hours since I put the seeds to soak and I can see that one of the thin mints has cracked open and a taproot is poking out. Hopefully more will break through by this evening and I can move them over to their pots.
  3. All 3 thin mints were opening up and showing the beginnings of taproots and I didn't want to leave them soaking too long so I just moved the 3 thin mints and 5 out of the 6 bags seeds (1 was still floating) to their pots and poured some water over them. Now we wait.
  4. What kind of pots are you using? Looks like a pot in a pot in a pot
  5. 1 Gallon Pot, Solo Cup with holes cut in it, then mini solo cup with holes cut for drainage. I'll post a pic of it soon.
  6. For those interested in my tiered pots _DSC2138.jpg _DSC2139.jpg
  7. Temperatures inside the tent got up to 86F today so I've added another fan inside the tent.
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    Argghh coming back to find that temps inside the tent are now 93 degrees despite it being a very comfortable 72 throughout the house.
  9. Still tying to get the humidity up and the temperature inside the tent down, it's currently 82 degrees and 37%/ I ordered a tower fan that I'm going to put inside the tent and have a standing room fan inside the closet that has the tent in it and that seems to be helping a bit. It's about 75 degrees inside the house today so being just 7 degrees hotter inside the tent with the lights on isn't too bad but definitely going to have to figure out how to keep it a bit cooler in there.
  10. Despite all of the temperature issues I've already got two sprouts for my thing mints and one of the bag seeds poking out above ground so I'm very excited this morning.
    _DSC2277.jpg _DSC2278.jpg _DSC2279.jpg _DSC2281.jpg
  11. I didn't think growing would be this exciting, and expected it to be much slower progress but it's been less than a week and I've got 7 out of 8 seedlings above ground. I like that the tiered pots give me a good idea of how wet the soil is in the middle of the pot. It's pretty dry in there now and the top of the soil has been dry since last night but I'm going to hold off on watering them until tonight or possibly tomorrow morning.

    _DSC2282.JPG _DSC2283.JPG
  12. Wow that tiered pot is pretty cool, are the bottoms cut out? Do you just slide them right out? Love it

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  13. I have about 1/2 of the bottom of each cup cut out and they do just slide in and out of place very easily. Hopefully when I'm ready to transplant the roots come out of the cup easily without being damaged. Perhaps I'll take and post some video.
  14. Seems like overall my plants are doing well so far. I accidentally ripped one of the leaves off one of my thin mints but it's already grown back another one. I've been watering every couple of days and transferring one of the bag seeds from the mini solo cup to the regular sized cup showed me just how small the root ball is at this point and that I don't need to transfer the others for a bit longer.
    _DSC2290.jpg _DSC2291.jpg _DSC2292.jpg
  15. Watered them this morning and transplanted all the rest of the ladies into their solo cups; which aside from tearing some roots that had grown out of the bottom of the mini cups into the solo cup was a pretty painless process.
    _DSC2298.jpg _DSC2301.jpg _DSC2303.jpg

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