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  1. Hey first time grow. In fact I really kinda just dove right into this and made a few mistakes, lessons learned...anyways the strain is bakerstreet. Seedling didn't receive enough light in early stages so it stretched quite a bit. Kept outdoors for the day and moved in at night to keep an oscillating fan on it to toughen it up. After about 3 weeks it looked much better with thicker new stem growth but the lower part didn't really catch up. I transplanted 5 days ago and I don't think I buried the stem deep enough. Growth since transplanting has greatly increased but the lower stem is still very thin. Is it too late to add soil and bury the stem further? Where the cotyledons fell is visible but the next node is still quite close. These first leaves have yellowed and are curling anyway, which I figured was from nutrient burn... I started them in miracle gro potting mix (I know, I know). Is it too early to cut them off to allow more space between the soil and the lowest leaves? Or should I just leave it? Any help is greatly appreciated. The plant has been surviving despite my learning curve and would love to see it through to harvest.

    Pics are time of transplant to now (5 days)
    IMG-20190704-WA0007.jpeg IMG-20190710-WA0004.jpeg
  2. I would leave it. If you have a fan on it at night and the wind during the day outside they will thicken up quick. Are you planning on flowering it outdoors? When you bring it in at night do you put a light on it?

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