Thin growing plant/strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by leftover4ooz, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. sorry for asking but i cant really find anything solid on this
    seeing the picture of this got me goin.
    Pick and Mix Seeds Lowryder #1 Feminized

    now my question is.... are there more strains out there that are known for not needing much pot size?. and that grow as thin as the lowryder kind?

    i was interested in a sea of green type deal...lining like 16 plants. 4 rows of 4.
    but obviously need the right strain to do so.

    right strain as in...thin strain

    the catch is i want better quality and better yeilds than the lowryder.

    if anyone has suggestions on what strains/seeds to look into.please tell

    also growing w metal halide if that makes a difference
  2. Sea of green is usually accomplished with clones rather than from seed
    A scrog'd grow would be what you are aiming for if you are growing from seed to harvest in a tight area as indicated above
    As far as strains go you can scrog any grow to get to your goal of a few in a row
    A fast growing, hybrid would probably be a great start for you to try

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