thiinking about useing portable Air conditioner question HELP!

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  1. This Ac unit's condensation and moisture are evaporated through 4' (1.2m)


    Question 1 : how would I block off the smell from this type of AC unit before or when it

    evaporate out ?where do i place a filter in this case ?

    Question 2 : on the AC unit it says 115v & 60Hz COOLing 3520W. does this means it's

    need 3520 watts in all time inolder to run this thing ?? i m only running 2

    /430HPS & one 1000HPS...and this thing it's like lil

    over 3/1000whps..nut!!?

    Questione 3 : i already have a can filter with the 6' out fan! sucking out heat over 72F.

    but it seems it's always above 75F and under 80F..if add in this AC will

    the out FAn and AC work together and give me better tempture control?:cool:
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    Well it really depends on your setup my friend. Is this a room grow (i hope so with all of the lights)?
    What is wrong with 75-80degrees? That is Ideal. Turn up the temp on the controller a bit.
    Are your lights air cooled? May be the way to go if they are not.
    Do you have a window in the grow room? If so, you may want to consider a window AC unit, as they are sealed and have no air exchange (no smell gets out of the room.)

    There are other portable AC units that do not exhange the air like the one you are talking about does. (at least that is how it sounds) Does it have 2 hoses or 1. Most single hose air conditioners do not exchange air, they just remove heat. Most double hose units draw fresh air in over the cooling coils, and exhaust hot air from the room at the same time, making them not the Ideal purchase for a grow room. Hope this helps.:smoking:

    Also, look at how many amps it draws. 3000+ watts does not seem right to me. Most are well under 1825watts.

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