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  1. damnit why do people steal immatuer plants all the time and strip them?
  2. because they cannot grow....they like the weed but don't understand the time and effort put in to grow it.....Peace out....Sid
  3. yea man i hate thieves...... got mine stolen and they were imature u cant trust a so caled friend is big mouth oh well cant wait till the spring
  4. People who steal plants think that if they steal them they think they will have weed to smoke sooner. I know this much keep people as far away from your lab as possible. I havent ever had it stolen from me but it could be due to the fact I am a firt time grower or that I dont tell people I am growing so I whont encounter them problems for a while.
  5. those people who steal weed like that don't deserve's too good for them!
  6. That is so true. If they have to stel it thier is no need for them to somke it. I buy what I smoke but here and thier it is given to me becouse they owe me.. other wise I will live without it.
  7. i havent had the chance to have an outdoor grow, but my indoor plant is doing great, i cant wait till spring.
  8. What the hell did you think was going to happen if you left weed growing out where anyone can come and take it. Don't be stupid, just be glad you didn't get arrested.
  9. yea man i guees ure right but the place was so sucluded and if i were to stumble apon a plant i would check it out but not steal thats just stupid and u dont even deaserve then..... if u cant buy it save up or grow ure own........

  10. well how else are you supposed to grow outdoor, it is going to be a risk and who ever planted it knows it at the time. i mean i know places where it is rare for anyone other than me to go but ther eis always a chance. it is one thing if you are growing in a stupid spot like a park or something, but go and hike a mile into the woods and there are very few people who even go back there. most people only go back into the woods a couple hundred feet it is just the way it is.
  11. thats tru.... thats the one thing that us outdoor growers hav to take in to account.............that and pests..........
  12. You have to have some brass ones to grow outdoors. Be careful out there!
  13. Yeah, definatly be careful.
  14. I would just assume that your crop was had by some authority or another. If you don't assume that you could walk right into them one fine day.
  15. growing indoors..keep your mouth shut.
    growing outdoors...keep your mouth shut, and hope for the best.

    its hard as hell to find a spot that noone ever will find but you
    this lesson learned the hard way
  16. if growin on another property in the woods somwhere ALWAYS hav an excuse... wether it be goin to a local swimming hole or goin fishing (something believeable for your area) and bring along swimming shorts and a towel or a fishing pole wich makes it more beliveable to the local pig or passer by.
  17. yea that sucks but sometimes you gotta work hard for your herb

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