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  1. My plants are starting to get big and smelly so its getting a little risky in my yard because last year I had my crop stolen when the plants were about 3 weeks into flowering. Does anyone know any simple trap ideas or homemade noisemakers to alert me when someone is at my plot or to give them a little scare to hopefully get them to take off. I dont want to spend any money so traps that are easily made with items around the house would be best.

    Also does anyone know any ways to cover up a trail through grass and bush ? would putting nutrients on my trail make it grow faster?
  2. i think you're going to have to spend money in order to get peace of mind.
    i would suggest just buying one of the motion sensor lights. You can get them at canadian tire, home depot, rona, etc. for roughly $20. put that somewhere near it and that might deter thieves.
  3. The "Motion Sensor Light" a great idea.
    But lets mod it a bit.....:smoking:
    Instead of installing a light bulb get a screw in outlet for an ext. cord from the outlet to a radio in the house ....when the radio comes on ....."Let the Dogs out"
    and then you must Harvest that night....;)
  4. any ideas?????????????????????????
  5. do like they said... maybe set up trip wires and spikes randomly around the grow area. Some kid trips, falls on a spike... no more snooping where he shouldn't be.
  6. Litterly "caught" someone trying to steal one of my dirt bikes a few years back with a few boards with 2-3 inch nails sticking out of it... One got snatched up (found it in the trails beat to shit), and figured they'd be back for more fun soon enough..

    I put two good sized boards with nails spaced every 2 or so inch on each side of the "bait bike" LOL, and used a the leaf litter to cover the nails a bit... About 2 weeks later after setting the trap I was rose from a sound sleep to find the lil fuck with both feet impailed on either side of the bike... LMAO... Sure enough I called the cops, and with a lil help on their part "telling them they were caught on video tape stealing the first bike, they actually admitted to it... So not only did I get them on bike 2 with spikes through the feet, but also on bike 1 they crashed, and trashed in the woods.

    Would be pretty ironic to catch the snooping cop in your garden with the ole spikes through the feet trick LMAO...
  7. You could even just get some security stickers and put them around the area that your concerned about. I did the same thing with my old car, I had a viper sticker on the front windsheild and knowone ever touched my car. :rolleyes::cool:
  8. Haha, sounds like how I stole an ADT security sign out of another yard and put it in my yard. If they decide to break in after seeing that, I have a few other forms of handheld security means...

    I dont really have any good suggestions for ya man just be careful. I think I told 1 too many people and 4 of my 5 plants got jacked a week later and the fuckers only left the male plant. The guy is going to get some property he really loves alot in life fucked up though once I get final proof.
  9. The radio idea is pretty good actually ;)
  10. yes i like the radio idea as well it made me think a bit. ill share what i did

    this year i have tomato cages helping my lst. i made some homemade wind chimes outta' forks n spoons kindegarten style. if the cages were to be lifted up and tried to move the chimes go off like crazy which sets the dogs off:D not only that but i have lots of shit around my plants to help keep outta' sight and such. for one to come in move everything get the cages out of the way and cut the plants would be pretty dumb cause id hear something for sure and if i caught the bastard red handed id hand out an ass whoopin' on spot. i dont condone using "booby" traps cause that would just be gay to hurt someone over it. then the media can go and say "look how dangerous those marijuana drug lords are!"

  11. Wouldnt the light trigger the plant into thinking its daylight??

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