Thief (Reboot)

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  1. No I'm really not underestimating Fallout 4. I'm simply saying the fans that'll be playing ESO will be the fans of that particular type of game. A game where they can interact with their friends and such. It's not like FO4 can fill that void that an MMO could fill. It's not as if they're releasing Elder Scrolls VI alongside FO4 here.

    Nobody is playing ESO just because they can't get their hands on F4. Honestly it's apples and oranges.
  2. We can argue about why they are doing it all day, it won't make it come out faster

    In the end we want the same thing. FO4 right fucking now!
  3. Finished the first chapter on thief, it sets a good scene to play in but doesn't explain the storyline too well. Overall worth picking up for £35 though!
  4. It's a reboot taking place after the beginning of the series.

    You have to play them all for the entire story to Garrett's life.

    So far all you should know after chapter one is that girl dies and you were missing for a year lol It's supposed to be murky as even Garrett has no clue what is going on
  5. Wow been playing this game its really good I might even say its almost better than DIshonored
  6. Theif is a good game...wish they had more missions. But for a first person sneaker game is awesome. I remeber playing the theivery mod on unreal tournament

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