Thief (Reboot)

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  1. Go on steam, buy the first game for like 4 bucks

    If you don't like it you won't like thief

    It's highly stealth based, the option to go in "guns blazing" and just kill everyone doesn't exist. You can kill everyone but it requires finesse, you don't want to be seen, period.

    Navigation requires you to actually remember pathways and land marks, the map is exceedingly annoying and always has been, some people think it's a bug, no, the map is a guideline, not a director.

    It's not like what people think of most modem games. It wants you to not kill people, you are rewarded for being a thief, not a murderer.
  2. Reminds me of dishonored

    Looks cool
  3. This game does look decent think I might pick it up this weekend, I just hope its nothing like bio shock.
    Its so far from bioshock lol
  5. Sweet as fuck! Ill be picking it up soon, not seen to many good games out recently. Bethesda wants to pull their finger out!
  6. ESO comes out soonish. The evil within is bethesda that's this year, and the new wolfenstein is published by bethesda lol It comes out in May.
  7. Looking forward to ESO but the other two look meh compared to the es or fallout series. We want fallout 4!!
  8. Wolfenstein will be sweet but it's not really bethesda style. They took over lots of Id's publishing (doom and quake).

    I can't wait for FO4 though lol
  9. My boner is ready for fallout 4
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    I dunno why they wouldn't release fo4 now, people might of lost interest by the time they release it. I check nearly everyday for any news.

    Thief is on the way brothers picking it up for me, ill be killing it tonight will tell you guys what I think tonight or tommorow.
    Because they dont want to compete with themselves between ESO and FO4 lol ESO will probably cost money by the month and if FO 4 is an option most people would probably go for that first. 
  12. Ahh true never thought of that, if ESO is as good as everyone is saying its gunna be ill be content with that til fo4. I can't think of any other game that captures you like the FO series.
  13. I hope this isn't the case

    I couldn't get into the elder scrolls series at all. Fallout 3 is on my top 5 favorite games of all time.

    They need Fallout Online :) one can dream
    they arent even going to announce the FO4 date until 2015 lol, articles about that started popping up yesterday
  15. I can wait, if that means it being more awesome than skyrim engine
  16. Bethesda isn't even the ones developing ESO.
  17. Bethesda is a subsidiary of zenimax but nice try
  18. I doubt they would have to worry about competing with themselves. The MMO crowd is a completely different crowd. I have no interest in playing ESO (esp after trying the beta), but F4 is my most anticipated game. You can't get your Fallout fix by playing ESO. Fans of both wouldn't make that choice.
  19. You under estimate how awesome FO4 could be and You know eso is lame

    So why risk driving customers to the one that only makes them 60 bucks vs a monthly income

    That's all I see happening, they know eso sucks lol

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