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  1. Does anyone know of a shop online that sells thick heavy glass spoons. Im sick of looking at this cheap glass at head shops in my area.
  2. Well we aren't really supposed to mention any other site other than GrassCity. So look in their online shop first, if you don't find anything you like I'd recommend ThickAssGlass.
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  3. grasscity is pretty ok, grasscity is also good. most sites will display the thickness of glass so it's fairly easy to go by. make sure you order from inside the usa as customs can delay a package for months.
  4. deff not amazon but if u wan't cheap glass thats cheap for a reason thats where i never shopped on grasscity before actually lol
  5. Good god, man, get ahold of yourself! lol
  6. i dont be smoking out of glass that much lol i know good companies but im not gonna waste 100$ on a bong when i can spend 100$ on a grow op and have hella bud vs a piece of glass
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  7. LOLipop

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