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Thiaoouba Prophecy

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by dannyszu, Jan 18, 2014.

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    So chiggity check this... I was lookin around for how to do astral projections since there's two threads on it. After searching and searching I came across this website: wacky name, whatever I clicked on it, turns out it had some REALLY good info in comparison to other websites on astral projection.
    So deeper in I get to the meat of the site, Thiaoouba. I will try and explain the premise of it. This guy, Michel Desmarquet (from northeast Australia) was 'abducted' by Thao (from the planet Thiaoouba) for some purpose which I'm still figuring out as I'm reading the .pdf ebook now. It oddly coincides with a lot of spiritual teachings, and claims to have virtually all the answers as to how humans are on earth, creation of the universe, you know...just about everything. It's said that he was selectively chosen (of course) to relay the information given to him over the 9-10 days he spent outside of the earth into one, or a series of books. 
    Fascinating read, if not real it is actually a great piece of fiction (to which the author claims he has little creative ability to make this up). Look, I'm a skeptic, I try not to jump to conclusions, if so I back from it and look for alternatives, hardly ever believing things. I am fascinated by 'extra-terrestrials' as I firmly believe (heh, not often I say that) they are there, they know more than us, and they potentially know everything there is to know.
    So the book can be found here:
    As for the prophecy part, I haven't gotten that far into the book, its 183 pages and I'm 68 in.
    No thread on this and it seems well worthy of it. Shoot the shit my friends lol.
    TL;DR extra terrestrial shit with no forseeable evidence other than a story
    Having read the book, here's the moral of the story: Technological advancements with a materialistic society always ends up destroying itself, technology is to assist in spirituality. This is very good(no shit) and sadly has further sickened me as to how we go about things. Actually the FAQ has a good answer for where I was going to go with this edit.
    Q. What is the main message of The Book ?
    A. The message from Thiaoouba is that ‘‘material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to inevitable global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should ASSIST in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to enslave people within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway.'' ‘‘Superficial'' is an excellent word you can use to describe the monetary system and materialistic world.
    At the moment, we focus most of our attention on our physical bodies, but this is a serious mistake. The physical body, like everything material, is actually temporary, whereas the psyche, being part of the Astral body never dies... We should concentrate on the development of the mind ...
    The people of Thiaoouba also stress the importance of our individual free will. "We all have free will and it is up to us to discipline ourselves in order to improve spiritually. To impose one's free will on another, in a way which deprives the individual of exercising his own free will, is one of the greatest crimes that man can commit..."
    In view of such a statement, our entire society on Earth is based on wrong principles. Most people are forced to follow the flock... The Book not only describes a full diagnosis of the current situation, but also contains detailed instructions of what to do and how. Specifically, how the same problems have been overcome on other planets similar to ours. The most important is the context of this information: the purpose of our existence, demonstrated by very advanced people, who have themselves passed our current stage of development long, long ago.

  2. And you believe there is a realistic chance this isn't fiction?
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    I believe anything is possible in this universe, so yes.
    You are aware we are limited by our senses? And things incomprehensible 200 years ago exist today. Imagination is endless as is the universe. I could be rambling...
  4. Its possible. I just personally feel there is effectively a 100% chance this is the guys story to try and make a buck in the world.

    Im not trying to rag on you either i just wanted to know what your personal opinion was on it. I enjoy reading david ike and alex jones type stuff but from the viewpoint that its entertaining to see what some people claim or do believe.
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    Lol that's generally the excuse people give for such things "He's doing it for the money", maybe. Most spiritual people (I don't know to what extent this guy is spiritual) don't really desire material things, and this book advocates that the number one thing we as a society should do is abolish the monetary system as it puts I in front of us/we. However ya he could be. 
    The story is intriguing as fuck however, if you look at it as truth it seems gratifying to know there's much more than what we have on this lonely planet. Once I read it I'll most likely tuck it away in my arsenal of spiritual goodies, and a goodie it is.
    edit x 2 : and the book is free, I think theres an extended version for a price though it could be found for free as well.
    I used to think David Icke was a complete nutcase, but he's actually a smart nutcase.
    Alex Jones is an ex-CIA agent turned government shill/provocateur who attempts to muddy the waters and control the Truther/Ancient Aliens/Atlantis/Conspiracy movement by being the figurehead for anti-establishment movements of all sorts. 
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    I really think its worth a read as its message is absolutely brilliant, scifi or real you decide
  8. I read some but it was just too science-fictiony for my tastes.

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