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Theyve Ripped apart cheaptalk!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Frank White, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. Yeah man, it sucks there now. Good to see some familiar people on here; punx is kickin around here somewhere too now.

  2. you mean

    this wasnt your number one before?

    *shakes head and walks off*

    *proberly smoking a jay but its hard to tell at this distance, i\'ve walked to far*
  3. I found out about this place BECAUSE of cheaptalk closing, so it does have some advantages at least. Can\'t do anything about it but live with the change. And smoke a bowl.

  4. LOL, I found this place waaaaaaaaaaaay after i found cheaptalk, this place is cool though.
  5. Thanks for the link over at cheaptalk barker....er, i mean Frank White.
    It\'ll be fun to get to know another forum like I knew cheaptalk.
  6. t\'was a sad and foolish move on their part. They should have done a compromise of having the main site and an affiliate strictly with general and RL forums.

  7. It\'s Ok...

    So u sticking around?
  8. I think so....
    Why are there no smilies? I like smilies in my posts. Just the name smilies is cool. Perhaps I am missing soemthing?
  9. :D Newbs!

    its just below under Forum Rules:

    Jes\' Kiddin.
  10. We have smilies :D You just have to remember the code for them :eek: :hippie:
  11. re.....member? codes??
    say wha?
    I can remember this one :) !
  12. Hmm..This place is neat..but cheaptalk..cheaptalk was great.

    It\'ll take some work to get aquainted with this place. Different from cheaptalk and bluelight.

    But I can say shit here :)_
  13. Wlecome to the city beats.. Join in and have a little fun!

  14. hey dont be sorry lol
    we didnt even get a chance to know you!

    its not like dating buds! you cant cheat on forums!
    or can you? i NEVER HAVE!! aaaaah!!!



    either way, cheaptalk, (which, im unfamiliar with, but by the name lol...) down, up or otherwise, ALL is welcome here! :D
  15. ^^^DITTO^^^........i read the reason that you\'s had all come to the city.......i have opinions about whether what they did was right or wrong, but it\'s not my place to judge another forum.

    All i have to say is that over here, if we\'re really wanting to push for legalised MJ, we\'d just keep it in the \"legalisation and activism\" forum, no need to change the whole website.

    but i\'d hope that you\'s would maybe find some time to drop by the city, as you\'s seem to be no hassle at all, to have on the forums.

    Peace out..........Sid
  16. Oh hell yeah, I\'m not leaving. This forum is great, it\'s like Yahooka but without all the crap! It\'s great for my non-political/non-8-year-old forum fix.

  17. Hey, don\'t come over here and shit up our forums bud....


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