they're still trying to get me to quit!

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  1. the people at outpatient are still trying to get me to quit tokin! now they have resorted to saying how it interacts with my meds and how i can die if i smoke on my meds. wtf. i know eventally i will have to quit because i want to be a nurse, but still, why now? they even said they would send me to detox. for pot! sorry to make so many threads about my whole issue with outpatient but i'm just so aggravated. i might stop going. but i dont know if that will fuck up my insuance because i didnt do the program all the way through.
  2. Well you know what the truth is already, so pay them no mind.
  3. why wouldnt you just act like you were gonna quit from the beginning, the more bullshit you give them about how ur not gonna quit, the longer they'll keep you in there

    of course there gonna try to make you quit, ITS FUCKING REHAB
  4. just play em'

    play em' like a fiddle.

    and right after your paperwork is all signed and done. .

    peel outta there bumping some KmK with a fully boxed car
  5. yes, if i were in that sort of situation, i'd just tell 'em what the want to hear. and act like i truly believe their babble.
  6. Fuck em, really you can't do much.

    It'll be over with soon enough
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. Whenever they try to tell you anything, just say "Yep". Eventually they'll just give up.
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    i remember when i was a youngin and had to do that shit. its bogus as hell, a total waste of money for whoever is paying. especially if your in there for weed.
    personally, i just made a joke out of it. they would get extremely pissed, it was quite funny actually.
    when they said anything that was false about mary jane id question it, or ask for their source.
    i busted out laughing when they said they got some of their info from and they had enough of me and kicked me out cause i was "rude"...more like i was telling the truth about ganja... i just said peace and went home n roasted
    just go through the motions kid, it will be over soon.
  10. tell them what they want to hear until it is over
  11. This sucks! I am thinking about going to nursing school too. How incredibly unfair. I'm sorry, I hope things work out so that you don't have give up your choice of lifestyle. :(
  12. How long until it's over? Maybe take a tolerance break and tell them you quit? Buy bud like you usually would and spend the normal amount on it and then when you're done you'll have a lot saved up and you can celebrate it being over.
  13. actually.... pot can interact with some meds. Maybe not the ones you're on, but tricyclic antidepressants and weed do not mix at all. I had a bad experience with that like a week or two ago, it wasnt fun. I've quit taking the meds since then.

  14. That's how I got out of inpatient.

  15. co-sign, thats what i did. But i had bone thugs on :hello:

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