They will not start to flower!!??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by *wakeNbake, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. I switched my Super Lemon Haze from 18/6 MH to 12/12 HPS about 2.5-3 weeks ago. I thought that they would be well on their way to flowering but they havent even started! I've been giving them Fox Farms Open Sesame (+ Tiger Bloom) every other watering too.

    Is this normal? is there anything i can do to maybe "shock" them into flowering like 8/16 or 6/18 lighting?
  2. Are they clones? Feminized seeds? or even showing sex yet? Is your night time completely dark? How big of plants are we talking about? A little more info is needed!
  3. they are feminized and from seed. They are in my room, so sometimes at night i keep a regular 100W light bulb dimmed... but mayb youre right, mayb ill put up a blanket or something to shade that light.

    lol sry bout the minimal info. Ive grown tree outside for a few years so i have my basics on nutes and such, just havent mastered the lighting ha
  4. Ya they need 12 hours of complete darkness to force them to flower, otherwise it will remain in veg.
  5. ohh yeah, that'd be it, like others stated, will need to be the 12 hours uninterrupted light, you will probably want to start counting from day one again on it.. sorry to say :S
  6. If you want to shock them into flower you can give them36 hours of COMPLETE darkness!

    The sun isn't on a dimmer at night. With all the info on here about complete darkness and light leaks I can't believe you gave them light still. You live and learn though. Hopefully you didn't bring out hermaphrodite genes. Feminized seeds do create hermies and with a mistake like that, Good Luck!

    Just bustin' your balls, man! Cover them or put them in a closet. The 36 hrs of darkness will get them to start to flower a lot sooner. After the darkness turn on lights at 12/12.
  7. I think he should be fine on the hermie, part, it wasnt in complete darkness so it should have never started to change over thus, not starting any flowering period yet. but yeah if it kept changing between cycles that can allow hermies to take place.

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