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They want us to end the fed...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hoboleader, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. they create the problem, to trigger a reaction, then offer there solution.

    So the federal reserve is the problem. Weve become the reaction, i remember when hardly anyone was talking about the fed. now weve won that fight I think. The problem is what it will come down to is they offer the solution.

    so ya they want ron paul out there, they dont want him to win, but he is waking people up to the federal reserve right as its to late and they dont need it anymore because they were planning on going to a new more globalized system anyway.

    just a thought.
  2. hmm...real possible...they could of forged the audit if they wanted to keep the need to end it quiet.

    but it might be a way to show us how powerless we are to their corruption, or like you said a path to a new system favoring them even more.
  3. Who is "they"?
  4. No you are confused. the original thought and plan of the people: end the fed. So, in counter of that...the "establishment/nwo/elitist/corrupt" passsed a rumor saying that they want us to end the fed, simply so people can start thinking that we shouldnt end the fed. dont fall for simple mind games.

  5. I think it has more to do with them knowing people will not react violently to a relatively gradual change. Its partly the citizens fault for playing into this for so long.

  6. the people want something
    so the elite pass a rumor of the same thing??

  7. They want to create a World Central Bank, the fed has outlived its usefullness.
  8. alreayd created 16 trillion in secret loans to the world is World Central Bank just undeclared ;)

  9. News Headlines

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

  10. And boom goes the dynamite.

  11. the fed already is the world bank, they just want to make it official now and have a cool name.
  12. Ron Paul yesterday spoke and said how the banks are the real problem!! Thank you Ron, you just earned a new supporter! Finally, someone who speaks the truth. I am now a FULL participator in the BANK TRANSFER DAY movement going on and will be creating flyers and distributing them this weekend. If any of you want a flyer I can email it to you, it's in word format. Here is a quick vid on how you can PEACEFULLY and NON VIOLENTLY do your part ....even if you can't make it to a protest. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naGce7sokQY]"BANK TRANSFER DAY" Reclaim some of your power Nov 5th - YouTube[/ame]

    PS...the movement is on FB as well, just type in bank transfer day and it should pop up.
  13. Going to a global banking system isn't what proponents of ending the fed are talking about. They're talking about going to a real, gold-backed money system.

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