They told me my life would be changed forever

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  1. Recently I had gotten serious eczema and thought that it may have been because I had been smoking a lot more weed than usual. Turns out I have food allergies because my body can't properly absorb certain foods (wheat, dairy, & red meats). I went into a dermatologist who then led me to a nutrionist who gave me that information. The nutrionist said eczema is easy to target and instead of using topical steroids to rid it or at least keep it at bay by going to the root of the problem and become a raw food vegan! We conversed for a good while about everything, answered all my questions very well, and gave me a new lifestyle plan to go by.

    I have always been the eat anything and everything guy and am a little taken back by this. I was wondering if anyone else is a raw food vegan and could give me some personal insight, information, tips. Really anything that you'd want to share would be great.
  2. Pfff, that's tough man, especially if you like eating. Sometimes these things disappear with age. How old are you?

    I'm allergic to all sorts of things, but nothing as serious as this...
  3. I'm 22.

    What kinds of things are you allergic to if you don't mind me asking?
  4. if you work out a lot and stick to this lifestyle/diet you will probably be in the best shape of your life
  5. I'm very allergic to nuts, those suckers kill me.
    Besides that I'm allergic to the majority of fruits.
    I'm mildly allergic to some greens, like special sorts of tomatoes. Really sucks :(

    It changes quite a bit, when I was 12 I could eat everything, when I turned 18 I couldn't eat any of it now I'm 21 and I only stay away from nuts, everything else is a go. But I'm always careful.
  6. my moms a vegan and she likes it i find her weird though.
    itll eventually just become habit
  7. Raw food as in like unprocessed strait from a garden raw? Kind of like the outlined plan in the book "Salubrious Living" by Ben Klassen. You can look it up for free online.

    And don't come running back here tellin me how you also found a bunch of white supremacist literature, I'm aware of that fact. I'm just saying, it's the only book I know of that outlines that way of life off the top of my head, figured it might help ya. My travels and associations have been many in this lifetime, some of whom weren't the most pleasant of people.
  8. There's a good bit of research that suggests allergies are causes by the body's own systems that were evolves to deal with parasites: in the developed world where we rarely have worms etc the body sometimes starts attacking itself or normal foods.

    Do a bit of reading BEFORE you run out and get a tapeworm, though...
  9. In my city I see a lot of people promoting raw food and different vendors and stuff. Idk, I dont have anything against it, and I like most gross foods people hate. I think it would be cool to live a lifestyle eating only raw foods, the only reason I wouldn't is because I have been living so long the way I do, I think changing would hurt more than help. I find a weird pleasure when I think of and taste something, knowing that it is un-altered, and a pure product of nature.

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