They survived the tranplant shock..i think. New question though

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jkatz, May 30, 2006.

  1. Well after buying some transplant formula (5-15-5) to help stimulate the growth of my plant it was time to water the little babies. The bottle said to mix 15 ml to every litre of water (im a canadian) and to give each plant 500 ml. i followed the directions and the next morning my plants had perked up and were now mostly standing up (they were seriously wilting before) so here's my question. My plants are not big at all (about 10 inches with skinny stems and a few leaves) should i be giving each one 500 ml? also how often shoould i water them? i've read that you should put your finger an inch into the soil and that if its dry, they need watering. Please respond, i want these beauties to live!
  2. 500ml for 10" is a bit too much. Just water them until the dirt seems saturated. Also you should water them when the ground dries out like you said.
  3. I'll keep that in mind, thanks alot. If ive already watered them and accidentally made the soil too muddy, will they die? It's my first grown and i just want to make suer i do everything right

  4. sounds like they aren't getting enough light if they are already 10'' and only have a few leaves
  5. Why all this debate on exactly what quantity?? I just water my girls until it starts to come out the drain holes. I take it you DO have drain holes.
  6. i Have drain holes, the thing is, they were originally growing in someone elses garden under the shade of a tree, so that could explain the lack of light. I'll keep osting as i get qusestions
  7. MJ likes as much sunlight as it can get.
  8. ^ not everyone is in liberal spain though:( As of now my grow spot got busted by neighboors its like a big reveen and im fucked up on where to put them because they need light.. so you need an open place, but open places arn't randomly everywhere secluded..
  9. im growing them in my backyard in 3 gallon pots. i moved them into the sun like you said and i hope that the extra sunlight does them some good, as they are not looking great. Incidentally, the strain that im growing is supposedly unique only to ontario,canada and was growing wild in a neighbours backyard, but is quality smoke. I'm not sure of all this, but it was told to me by a friend who did a little research and i was wondering if any of you know more about the topic.
  10. no idea, there are thousands of strains and variations of similar strains... do you have a camera? put some pics up so we can see what kinda shape your plants are in. yeah, not everybody has areas where outdoor growing is possible. I'm lucky to have an excellent place for outdoor growing. I'm moving plants out there in a few months. only thing I'll have to worry about is bugs and animals. no people ever back there... doing an indoor grow at the same time though to get some quicker results and gain some experience while the outdoor plants will grow through summer.

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