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they stole my name

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by billy dempsey, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. damn man this sucks, i been rapping for like 4 or 5 months now, and when i first started i chose the name "Nyne" and then i played def jam vendetta when it came out like afew weeks ago, and they made some guy up named "Nyne", they fuckin copied me!!
  2. or did you have inside information on def jam and copy them...
  3. 4get it man, jus get over it there the Big Fish and u the Little 1. Jus find a new name. Mmmmmmm let me tink, how bout Nyne Lynez
  4. bleh

    thir-d is kinda my rappin name..
    ppl called me 30 cent, but I couldnt go pro with that so i thought maybe thir-d
    or somthin stylez..cant be straight up stylez tho since styles is takin..
    maybe thir-d stylez :p
  5. oh damn man that sucks! its kewl that your a rapper though.... and I like that name "nyne" its tight! did u think of that yourself???
  6. RAP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GRATEFUL DEAD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. haha, yeah, it does. don't like the deads tho'. come to think of it not all rap sucks, by far. some do, but that is mostly the "popularized" version. i'm a metalhead, and still i can say that there are two music stylez that shape late 90' and our own time, that is rap and electonika. i love both. not as much as metal, but that is another story.

    anyho', i was posting to say that i know the problem of a name already beeing taken. we (my little band) had to go through a little namechange after we found out that some crappy US band already had an album out with the same band-name we intended to use.

  8. so what was this band name you were gonna use?

  9. haha, i won't say, it's to stupid. hehe. anyhow, i believe that when our EP is ready [and the web site is up, we're talking days] you'll be the first to know.

    that is if the moderators allow some "commercials" at the city :)
  10. My DJ name is DJ QyÃœB (pronounced dee-jay cube)

    nobody is ever going to steal that, and if it is stolen, I know where they got the idea for it from......
  11. rap isnt my music of choice but i do enjoy a good flow, and i like some rap songs.
    snoop, dre, tupac, some 50 cent, biggie, bone kicks ass too

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