They stepped on my babies!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by shaggy69, May 4, 2006.

  1. I had eight beautiful week-and-a-half old plants planted in a remote part of a park near where I live, and some jerks stepped on them on their way to a smoking spot!

    They were about three inches tall with a prominent first set of leaves, and their second set was started to come in. Root to top length was all in all about 5 inches. When I found them, they were bent over and weak in the stem, but not at all broken. I carefully dug them up, transplanted them to a better, more isolated spot, and watered them just a bit. I'm worried that my babies won't make it... is there anything I can do?

    (They were very healthy and making excellent progress before they were damaged.)
  2. all you can really do is wait. Maybe put some toothpicks on them to hold them up.
  3. you gotta watch your harvest if people smoke there. somebody will gank your shit.
  4. yea dude ^^^ i mean if people are actually walking past the plants...its easy for them to dig them up, steal your buds, fuck shit up.
  5. In response to cocoa and scoobydooby, the spot is a pretty well-kept secret, and I know all of the people that go there. As a matter of fact, a few of my friends are also growing in other areas of the park.

    We've got a pretty good system going. Since several groups of growers are using the same area, and we've all got lots of healthy plants, we've made promises not to mess with each others' crops, and we actually agreed to help each other out if we notice that someone's plants are sick or damaged.

    I'm assuming that someone must have gotten too blazed to notice. I'm actually glad that I had to move them to where my other harvest is located, that way they won't be exposed to fellow growers' harmful weed/cigarette smoke.

    Good times, all. The way things are going, I'm hoping to get a yield as big as two pounds from this project. I've got about 50 plants in several locations, and I see it this way: I'll kill the males, leaving hopefully 15-20 healthy females in the end. If each plant yields an ounce or two, which is likely, because these things are growing like monsters, I won't have to pay for my buds for a looooong time.
  6. 1. they were growing slowly. mine are only 3 days old and already beyond the point you described.

    2. are you serious about the smoke? they are on the ground outside in the open... smoke wouldn't even touch them.

    3. you may think you can trust these kids, but you never really know....
  7. 1. No surprise. Mine are in a wooded area where they get limited exposure to light. Also, there have been a few thunderstorms and weather that is generally bad for seedlings. Slowly but surely... I hope...

    2. In this situation, they do get a lot of smoke exposure. Some other plants are near high-smoke areas, and they are growing poorly. Shriveling, drying, etc.; enough so that there is a visible correlation.

    3. Sabotage wouldn't really be worth it. If someone's plant disappears or something, everyone will know who's responsible. We're also "business partners", so our trust is pretty strong.
  8. I still don't think the smoke has much to do with it. I mean they are still small and almost all of the smoke is just going up into the air, but if you trust them so much why have your plants been stepped on? I'm not trying to be an ass or anything... just saying...
  9. The smoke is not a big deal, I'd just prefer my plants not to be around it.

    They were stepped on by accident. The whole area is wooded, so... I'm assuming somebody got high and careless, and didn't look where they were stepping. It's pretty easy to accidentally step on a patch of sprouts, especially when you're not all there.

    What happened was a bummer, and I was just looking for some advice to help them stay alive.
  10. i'm surprise the stems didn't break from being stepped on. I don't think there's much you can do now except sit back and wait. if the stem wasn't broken I think they will recover. pack soil to the top to keep the stem vertical or prop it up with a small stick. after that there's not much you can do but wait. good luck, man.

    p.s. you sprouted 50 seedlings? how are the others doing?
  11. Actually, there are only about 30 seedlings, and they are doing pretty well (the others were just planted a couple of days ago). When they grow a bit more and I know that it'll be worth my effort to take good care of them, I'll start them on nutrients. Then I'll have to move them again so they'll have more room. I'll do this after I get rid of the males, but still... with 20ish plants, this looks like it'll be a pain in the ass. Plus, it's in a semi-public place, and if I get caught with that many plants, I could be looking at some serious consequences. It's the goal that keeps me going, though. A couple of pounds of "home" grown buds, manicured and dried properly... I would call that a big achievement.

    I'm looking forward to posting a picture of the harvest... mmm...
  12. they're in the ground right? be careful with all that digging and moving them, it's kinda hard to tell where the roots have spread out to when they're in the ground.. not like a container where you can control it. you don't wanna accidentally chop their roots when they're too young. and I know what you mean about the yields. I'm doing an indoor grow now, but I'm going to be moving atleast 2 females outside to secure areas around here to grow all through summer. I figure even if my indoor grow doesn't produce a big yield, it will tide me over to the beginning of fall when the outdoor monsters will be ready :]
  13. :confused: are you completely retarded? you are growing at a park!
  14. I'm not retarded. Would it be better to grow on my own property?
  15. I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to be sucha dick. A park is a terrible place to plant 50 seeds though, somebody finds one, they are gonna search the hole park. It's safer to grow in your house in a controled envirnment, where you know who is going to be over, and where you know your plants will be safe... if you can't grow at home, you probably shouldn't be growing in the first place. If it's for a medical use, get a card and be legal, if it's just to grow an asston of weed once and get reefed, do it somewhere where nobody will be around! Take some bird watching shit with you too, that way if you are going around checking on your plants, and there are people there, just say you were bird watching and don't know what the hell is going on. Imagine if they found out it was you... you would probably go to jail for a while... and what a stupid reason, because you wanted to grow too much with the wrong means. Patience is a virtue
    goodluck with your decision in the meantime.:wave:

  16. It's not 50 plants in one park. They are spread out between two different parks, and two houses. If the public plants get found, I can deny my association with them and nobody can really prove that they're mine.

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