They sprouted!!! Now what?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MikePerson, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. 5 of the 9 germinated seeds I put in soil have sprouted already, there are pics in my gallery. The yellowish tint is kinda worrying me, should I water them? Should I put them outside now?

    I'm so excited what do I do now?!?!?

    EDIT: Where I live theirs been a lot of rain lately. If I put them outside and it rains, will that hurt them? Should I keep them inside until I'm sure it won't rain anymore? Only problem is I don't have any lights indoors :(
  2. Those looks real unhealthy.....

    Put them outside, rain won't hurt them unless its like a storm..

    Also, do they have drainage...

    and what kind of soil is that, looks like mud or something
  3. Its just regular topsoil. They have about 4 pen size holes in the bottom of those cups.
  4. HAve they had any sunlight?
  5. No, they just sprouted today. I just watered them a little more and enlarged the drainage holes. They are now outside.
  6. Weird, havn't seen plants look that unhealthy... Hopefully a day or two of sunlight help them ;)
  7. What are they growing in? Doesn´t look like potting compost, looks like dried up mud. That is probably why they look so sick.
  8. Earthgro potting soil
  9. are cotyldons even supposed to open up yellow?
  10. Mine open up green. Thay are a yellowish tinge when still folded up.
  11. I was getting worried about the way my plants look, now i feel a whole lot better.

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