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  1. A reality shows that casts nothing but homeless people. I mean like homeless as fuck too. Like wearing gloves with the ends of the fingers cut out while hunched over a fire in a metal barrel under some bridge homeless. That would be awesome and productive.
  2. Inb4 bumfights
  3. I mean something a little more TV friendly
  4. [quote name='"Megacosm"']Inb4 bumfights[/quote]

    The show Intervention has some ....
  5. I mean like a competition haha. Something like Survivor: Homeless Edition
  6. Would they get paid? I'd like to the the downward spiral which occurs after they get money...
  7. This is a great idea, seriously
  8. People go home to their warm comfortable homes, and forget the homeless. A show about their everyday struggle to survive would open a lot of eyes, and wallets. Many foreign visitors to this country are shocked at seeing cold hungry people begging. That cast us in a poor light. My wife gets mad at me for giving them money, but I have been down and out and was glad for help myself.. If your doing good in your life, throw the bum on the corner a few bucks from time to time, gotta help yer karma..
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    Bumfights with Rufus the Stuntbum is incredible
  10. In theory this sounds very entertaining, but what about the camera man haha? If I saw a homeless man being filmed in real life I'd think it was the news or something! Not to mention his/her friends would act differently around a camera man. And normal people might actually give him some money if they thought they might be on TV. It'd have to be stealth filmed or something.
  11. They should get Jollyranchers (the candy company) and Swisher Sweet to combine so I can have blunt wraps in any flavor
    Sour Apple
    the list goes on
  12. This could actually make for an interesting show if they found a variety of homeless people. I always thought about how the homeless get so screwed, especially during the winter. I want to know their survival techniques and shit. Living homeless is almost kinda going back to the bare essentials of just being an animal. Your main goal is to find food and survive
  13. [quote name='"Wavelength"']They should get Jollyranchers (the candy company) and Swisher Sweet to combine so I can have blunt wraps in any flavor
    Sour Apple
    the list goes on[/quote]

    This is a great idea, let's make it!
  14. Lmao too funny. Its like they are already on Survivor just without all the cameras
  15. Or what about a dance competition for homeless people. It would be a nice comedy and give them a chance to win cash and prizes win or lose. :)
  16. Or like a homeless are you smarter than a fifth grader or some sort of sport lol
  17. Do you guys know what kind of flak that show would catch? People would scream, "inhumane," whether or not they agreed, lmao.

    But, I would watch it! Hell, I'll help produce it and recruit players from my town. I'll get the crazy black guy who talks to the trees in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and the tweaker who dances back and forth across Main St. hahaha.

    I definitely vote for a, "survivor style," show. We all know how the 5th grader style show would end, and that's just boring. Not to mention how many of them would try to rape the 5th graders. I say make teams of drunks, tweakers, and sober-minded crazy folk all mixed to make it interesting. You'd have to hire security to make sure it didn't turn into a Bum Fights-style show. It wouldn't last many seasons with the contestants already filing shanks on episode 1.

  18. that'd be awesome, put a hidden camera on a few different homeless guys and see what happens.
  19. They should get 10 homeless people and put them spread out across an island. They have to fight to the death and the winner gets 100 dollars
  20. Homeless people are offered a house which they are told is haunted. If they spend an entire night, they get to keep the house. Hire real ghosts to scare hobos. Winners are kicked out of the house anyways, because only homeless people can participate, and if they win, they will have a home, therefore, no longer homeless.

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