They should make a movie about The Beatles

Discussion in 'General' started by Dante Blaze, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. It'd be great
  2. Err, they last century, man.:smoke:
  3. does Across the Universe count?
  4. No it does not, it needs to be a movie about The Beatles. It would be so BIG!

  5. Sure and they could be in, like, a yellow submarine perhaps ?

  6. woahomg best idea ever! I wonder where you got it from ;)
  7. No like a Biography of sorts. Well I guess A Hard Days Night was kind of like that, that was a good flick.

    But a new one would be good
  8. The Beatles Anthology movie covers them really well I think... It was on youtube for a while look it up.
  9. So would a movie about my life and my binge drinking habits...
  10. I'm more privy to a 3 hour audio of John Lennon quotes

    When we got here you were all walking round in bermuda shorts with Boston crew-cuts and stuff on your teeth. And the chicks looked like 1940s horses, you know. There was no conception of dress, or any of that jazz, you know. We just thought "What an olde race! What an olde race!" It looked just disgusting! And we thought how hip we were, you know. You tend to get really nationalistic, but we used to really laugh at America. Except for its music. And it's the black music we dug. You know, we thought we'd come to the land of its origin.

    John Lennon, describing America for the first time.
  11. *Head spins*
  12. i don't particularly like the beatles. seems some people who like the beatles only do because 'everyone else does'
  13. Alright everyone....Beatles or Stones on the count of three.




    Who gives a shit?! :hello:
  14. Honestly, it probably wouldn't be great. It'd probably be terrible. Most movies like that tend to suck.

    Leave their legacy and music intact. We don't need a Beatles film.

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