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  1. If it's a large group, it's called a religion; if it's a small group, it's called a cult; if it's one person, it's called a mental illness.

    I suggest anyone to invest some time in some research of existentialism. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. one's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party, so grab some bitches and lets drink some bacardi
  3. I'm down. Pack a bowl, fill your cup. Cheers! :smoke:
  4. No no no no no no non no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!
  5. lol no about what?
  6. I'm an atheist :wave:
  7. I like your logic OP.

    By that logic, every religion has its roots in mental illness :)
  8. :wave: How's it going man? Good to hear from another rational person.
  9. you sound like the hindus at 711 pointing the finger at me and saying "no no no no!"

  10. It is going quite well :D But it is like 12:20am here, so I am going to dream now.

    Bye. :wave:
  11. My point :).

    Why do you think religion causes people to judge, hate, and even kill yet rationalize it with one very narrow-minded way of thinking?
  12. yeeee for the east coast lol
  13. Same time zone here too. I'm from the midwest. We just went on this damn daylight savings time a week ago. It get dark at like 5:30 now, wtf?!
  14. True agnosticism is much more rational then atheism.

    A atheist still claims to know things that are impossible for humans to know.
  15. At least their claims are far more rationale than 'A big guy in the sky that watches everything that we do.':cool:

  16. I prefer the mental image of a little midget living inside of a satellite
  17. Your point is moot, because ancient astronaut theory.

  18. Just curious since you're agonostic, what god(s) do you believe in?

    I think if you have a mind to think anything, you're obviously going to claim something that's impossible for humans to know. There's nothing humans can positively know. I just hope with logic and reason you can look around and realize there have been and are many religions to explain our existence in which those existences have been in a small realm of our human existence....anybody without knowledge of the huge universe around us is going to create a religion based around civilizing a civilazation which betters a civilization. No god was created knowing that we are just a tiny fraction of our enormous univurse. I think it's rather ignorant though to not realize our vast existence and universe now that we are truthfully trying to learn more about and not just put a simple "god" as the answer to everything. How is having a god to explain EVERYTHING more reasonable than trying to actually explain what's around us? Modern religion is ancient! Religion is purely based around a civilization and their practices in the past of our existence of knowing very little. Dude, wake up.
  19. Haha...If you want to put all your eggs in that basket, be my guest...I'll stick to a more rationale line of thinking and say 'There is no Goddamn way we know what the hell they meant by the carvings with emotionally charged interpretations.':cool:
  20. lmao thank you for that. I'm atheist, and have been couch locked before just thinking like...this guy is getting paid some decent ass money (he is an author and has shows), and I still don't believe him. lol the hair is what makes me believe it though.. haha

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