They need to legalize this shit already.

Discussion in 'General' started by crazy-in-love, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I moved to a new city about a couple months back and still have had no luck finding a connect. I am very depressed. :(

    Also, is it safe if I get my old dealer from a different state mail me some? How safe is that?

  2. Agreed.

    If your gonna mail something. Fed-Ex overnight. less than an ounce.
  3. it is safe if it is vac packed with no odor, moms and other dealers send weed cid x everything through the mail everyday. its safe because unless it stinks or someone knows about it it does not have to pass through customs, or sniffer dogs. Even if it is intercepted, you are not responsible for packages mailed to you. if he mails it priority it will be kosher. now if anyone ever asks you to sign for a package that you know does not have to be singed for, then refuse it. but yeah if he mails it you will be just fine!

  4. DONT USE FEDEX!!!! or UPS!
    they can open any package without a warrant, the usps does need a warrant to open mail/packages
  5. FedEx and UPS do not need a warrant to search your package. Never ever send weed through these.

    The USPS has to have a warrant to open the mail you send.

    Just so we are all on the same page.:wave:
  6. i would not trust mailing any thing man
  7. If you really want to mail it, get a fake return address and have it mailed to a postal box or something.
  8. It's really not that bad.

    Just be clever.

  9. LOL

    I did this in jail to hide a disk from the CO's

  10. Oh yeah? Fed ex overnight works?? I might ask my dealer to do that.
    Sorry for the double post guys, I don't knw how it managed to do
  11. Take THAT Anne Rice! :D
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  12. DUDE!

    You just had me laughing my ASS off and screaming like, "OH SHIT, HAHAHA!"


  13. I just spend 2 hours roaming around looking for some bud, and obviously I had zero luck.
    FUCKKK I am pissed.
  14. move west

    I'm sorry about your dilemma


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