They need to invent a pipe that...

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  1. can open up.

    Like, if one side was hinged in a way, or clicked together that you could just lift off to open it up. That way you could get ALL that resin out without having to use an alcohol/salt bath.

    Plus that way you could gather all your resin and save if for later (if you're into that, like me ha).

    Anyone on the same boat as me with this one? Maybe I'll invent it haha.
  2. Yeah man I feel you, real annoying getting resin outta there without wasting the resin
    I have a beaker type bong that is just impossible to get resin out of the beaker without wasting it
  3. resin? ewwwwwwwwww
  4. check it man, the proto pipe, been made for over 40 years


  5. ive had two protos, and they are sick. hits really well for a metal pipe, much better than a resed up bowl. and you can hold quite a bit of bud in the pod.

    if ya buy one make sure on the lid theres a press thats PP, the blank lids are generic/rip offs
  6. I like it...sort of.

    I'm not a huge fan of metal pipes...get hot way too fast.

    Look how complicated it is though, even has instructions. I'm just talking about a pipe that's split into two halves basically that fit together more or less like Lego pieces...maybe have some sort of lock.
  7. I don't know that you could do a water- tight seal on a glass on glass pipe. I'm sure you could do it with a regular glass pipe, but I don't think the extra hassle would be worth the advantage of opening it...
  8. nah man it takes a hell of a lot to get it hot, like 5 or 6 bowls consecutively.

    its really not that complicated to use at all. and the poker locks the pod in place. its really handy, cause ya can just stick the pod into the bowl and tap the bud in, versus having to pick the bud and pack it into a regular bowl and try not to spill.

    some ppl just refuse a pipe just cause its metal, but ill always love these pipes.
  9. my friends proto hits smoother than any of my dry glass pieces, and doesn't really get hotter than a glass pipe
  10. How much are these things??
  11. I've seen the pronto pipe, I might have to get one now..

    OP, interesting idea, but I doubt it'll work, thats too many seams you'd have to keep air tight. And why a piece dedicated for easier cleaning? Why don't you just use whatever piece and find a good way to clean it!

    OR buy $2 gas station pipes and throw them away when they get nasty!
  12. depending on the store and location, ive seen legit protos from 20 bucks to 40 some
  13. They do. they are usually stone or metal pipe. I had on. It had a hinge at the end and open up and the inside was like a snake tunnel not a straight one. here is a link to a stone one Square Stone Pipe Two Parts < Stone Hand Pipes < Speciality Smoking Pipes < Pipes <
  14. I made a pipe out of an altoids tin with a metal socket and screen for a bowl, basically stole your idea before you had it o_O...woah.

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