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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by loganb01, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. I recently had some pretty good dro, it was supposedly blueberry yet i highly dought it was but it did have a nice fruity smell. I noticed that some of the buds had a few good looking seeds in them so i kept them. We have a creek about 200 yards from our house which has good moist soil rich in nutrients. My brother put about 9 or 10 seeds in the soil. About 2 weeks later (today) we walked down just to see if anything had happened (not expecting results) and found a couple of seedlings and we couldnt decide which was actually marijuana, well we kept looking and looking and eventually saw 3 or 4 purple/blue colored plants which resembeled marijuana leaves but all sort of bunched together in a 3 or 4 inch stalk. We were sure that this was it but noticed the sort of weird looking purple stem, this lead us to discouragement so i researched more on the internet and found that purple stems on seelings was likely and not harmful! I am sooo excited, i will have pics up soon just to be sure. We plan to transplant them soon into seperate pots. Would it be smart to dig about a foot deep around each before transplanting or a smaller amount? Well thanks guys, sorry its so long but i didnt want to leave out any details. Good luck this season.
  2. if is growing fine.. leave them in the ground soil.. it gives it a look of wild plants.... but if u really want to dig them up.. its better to dig them up right now, and put them in 5 or 3 gallon pots...latezz...
  3. just leave em in the ground man.... let nature takes its course
  4. how'd your plants turn out?

    have any photos?

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