They got too tall... so I tied em down... amidoinitrite?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmizZ, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. The pics tell the story.

    They got to 4 1/2'+ and I had to no more headroom. The light, pot, and distance between the light + their height added up all too quick. Lesson learned.

    Btw this is 1 week flowering.

    I tied em to their own main stem using fishing line.

    It created a wicked gorgeous new canopy. Is this bad for the plant? I know the way I did it the tops are touching the walls but oh well, i had no more height and this was better than chopping the top off.


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  2. that's a pretty closet full of ganja. Good job on the LST.
  3. Looks good, you taught yourself a way of LST. Hope it keeps working for you.
  4. I see no LST. And that looks like a perfect grow for some ScROG.
  5. fill us in with sum up dates when they start to bud
  6. this is like one of those ghetto miracle stories that pop up on the fourms every now and then and produce insane amounts of bud and the grower had no idea what he had done or why he was doing it he just did it and it was for the better.

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