They Found Weed In My Dorm

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  1. Yesterday I was moving out of the college dorms and I got all my stuff out except for some weed and a pipe that I had hidden in a secret place and forgot about it (stupid, yes I know). I didn't realize that I had left the weed there until it was too late at like 1am, so I decided to try to go back for it the next day. I went to the dorm the next day and told them that I had left something behind. The girl at the desk told me that they had gone through all the dorms for stuff that was left behind and my RA walked up to me and told me that he had found my weed. He told me that he had contacted the police.
    Now this was not a lot of weed. It was just a tiny cheap pipe and a few crumbs of weed, and since I was not in the dorm for a good 8 hours after I moved out, I believe I have plausible deniability regarding the weed. I'm not sure if the police are even going to bother getting me in trouble because there was hardly even a bowl there (I live in Colorado). I'm getting the vibe that they won't, but I'm not sure.
    Does anybody have any advice regarding this sort of thing?

  2. your RA is a goody two shoes suck up dick douche
  3. "That's not my bag baby"
  4. I was visiting a friend at a dorm for a full week, And we blazed the Shit outa his and another girls room, While in the girls room We rolled a Huge cannon and Got a knock 20 minutes later, we couldnt even see each other when we opened the door for Security. 
    They made the girl appologize and go to a meeting about rules or something. Youre good
  5. Yes tell that RA to fuck off and die. Then light up a joint and blow the smoke in his face and say "call the cops on that motherfucker!" Then just walk away. Don't ever go back.
  6. yeah I probably gotta go to one of those stupid conduct meetings.
    that's basically what I'm gonna be doing.
    nah he was actually a pretty cool RA. He knew I had been smoking weed in my room all year but he didn't do anything about it because I didn't really make trouble for anyone. So either he was fucking with me when he said he was calling the cops or he did call the cops. I'm sure he's minorly covering my ass here.
  7. Just be more careful, they could of fucked you hard over dat i imagine if they wanted to!
  8. You live in Colorado... is Amendment 64 not in effect? Why would they call the police?
  9. because marijuana is only legal for people 21 and up and plus my university still does not tolerate weed.
    Haters, man...
    You should be cool. No one but the RA cares I bet
  11. yeah actually under 21 penalties are even worse now under the new laws. which didn't really stop me from smoking a lot of weed.
  12. You 21? Either way youre fine. Just say it wasnt yours.
  13. Deny it, they didnt find it in your possession so if you do catch a case from this you can win it. Just dont admit to anything
  14. they might kick u out of dorm living .. which could hurt if youre on financial aid
  15. he told me he had contacted the police.
  16. Well that was dumb. Someone obviously wasn't thinking there, or they were and you Coloradans just weren't paying attention and passed it anyway out of desperation. "Let's legalize so people's lives aren't fucked over for a victimless "crime" that causes no substantial damages itself whatsoever and actually has more benefit than detriment to one's health, but let's do it for only people over 21 and still fuck over everyone's lives while they're young in college, which just happens to be when the vast majority of people partake! The government always wins bitches!"
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    it wouldn't have passed any other way and also it wouldn't have made any difference on my college campus because they still treat it as a decriminalized offense.
    doesn't matter, I actually was moving out to get an apartment off campus.
    yeah seems to me the only thing to do here is deny deny deny
  18. deny and make sure anyone u know that they talk to is on the same page
  19. That's my point. You guys were just desperate and not thinking, unfortunately, and now young people's lives are still going to be fucked over for a long time before people realize that it didn't solve any issues except legalize the black market selling to them.
  20. what school do you go to? I go to CU and if they find weed in the dorm and your RA isnt chill the cops generally get called and you get ticketed due to being on campus grounds when in the dorms. 

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