They found a decapitated head across the street from where I used to live.

Discussion in 'General' started by IGotTheCottons, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. lol... 50-some views and no responses... Anyone have any similar events happen around their crib?
  2. reminds me of that movie about the 6 heads in the duffel bag or whatever
  3. that's so fucked up haha, was this the hood you used to live at?
  4. lol as a kid I dated a girl who lived a block 'n ah half from where they found some gang banger hacked into pieces 'n strewn throughout all the garbage cans

    sure as hell didn't stop me from visiting cuz damn she was yummy across the board (esp. this trippy cherry/strawberry mix of lip balm she wore all the time)

    park lake near my home as a teen had couple fucks turn up in the drink stabbings gun shots to the head one bag over dudes head lol

    thats about it
  5. My grandma's recycling bin was stolen only to be found a few months later with a dead body in it. This was a couple of years ago.
  6. Dude, human heads fall off all the time, its a fact.

  7. yeah and get into a duffel bag and zip themselfs up and throw themselfs in the lake

    happens all the fuckin time
  8. Obviously the arms would have to throw the head in the lake.
  9. there's been a couple of legs found in a canal around here (and a couple bodies) recently. they traced the artificial knees from the legs to a convicted child molestor. guess he messed with the wrong persons kid.
  10. Can I have it? I need some head. :D
  11. KArma IS real.
  12. In a neighborhood I used to live in, a guy came home and found his 15 year old son and 17 year old daughter both shot dead in the living room. Turns out the son had a lot of fucked up problems... he raped and killed his sister and then killed himself. Not really the same as finding a decapitated head, but still really fucked up nonetheless.
  13. lol.

    i honestly can say nothing like any of the accounts here has ever happened around my area....:bored:
  14. Does anybody else have annoying heli's over there house every night?
  15. Creepy... *goes back into fetal position*
  16. about 3 months ago a known snitch was found shot 8 times then the body, was hung from a tree

    Sounds like a message to me
  17. When I was 14 my friend Justin that lived about 4 blocks down killed himself by putting a shotgun to his face and pulling the trigger with his feet. I can't imagine the look on his parents face when they found his body in his room, still to this day I feel sorry for them.
  18. if the 'molester' didn't hurt anyone and shit was consensual the fuck who killed 'em will get that karma back on their ass for harming a decent person

    so I gotta agree karma is always working out the math involved but it sometimes doesn't fit the 'average' persons silly notion of whats right or wrong


    The start position is where I used to work. The end position is where I used to live (some gay ass projects). The lake above is where they found the head. The entire neightborhood is a federally designated high crime area.... Now I live like a mile away (woooh) in a somewhat better neighborhood. Still gotta watch your back, though. Shit's no joke :(

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