They Finally Worked Up The Balls.

Discussion in 'General' started by RedSorcerer, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. So the rents finally worked up the balls to completely cut me off.
    I'm broke, completely. Have been unemployed for over 3 months.
    I need a job. Bigtime.
    Anyway, my friends are coming over with some bud to take me back to the dorms.
    I just need to get my shit together.

    How do you guys survive without an income until you can manage to find a job?
  2. Get any job you can ASAP and just hold it so you can eat until you find a better one
  3. Great advice, also...

    In the words of my dad, Never quit a job, unless you have another one lined up.

    I never ever took that advice, i think after seeing this post, i might.
  4. See, the problem is, that I've worked for 4 years in the family business and for family friends.
    I've never really had the full experience of applying for and keeping a real job.
    Also, I go to school in Camarillo so I'm basically limited to an on-campus job.
  5. Can't you work in the kitchen there or something? You don't need much experience to be a dishwasher.
  6. Im bout in the same boat.. im moving out like, really fucking soon. i just need to find a second job, so i can live as luxuriously as i was. im thinking fast food, mmm. cheap food for when i get off work, meals i can get if i have to eat. i dont think it would be too bad...

    I MAY apply at subway some time. or some dank sub station. omgomogmomgomg im so fucking hungry i WISH i was working close at subway. Id eat all the damn chicken teryaki.
  7. i just made a thread about me cleaning up my act and getting work. i havn't had much work in my life. but im now at college living on my own and even now without work its hard to live. i can manage because i have a meal plan and what not. but still how u can u live without having SOME spending money every month.

    anyways, if ur desparate, mcdonalds. its low, but they will take anyone and they arnt that bad of a place to start off. my buddy goes to college, and is in a frat, and smokes plenty of weed and partys. he works 15 hours a week minimum wage and still manages to pay for his fun. so its not that hard.
  8. you in camarillo go work in the fields. you said you need a job then bam there ya go. but check out the outlet malls there in camarillo and oxnard. sports authority is a shitty place to work so pass that up hope i can help some in the search

  9. i thought fast food was cheaper too, its really alot more expensive. and its good to have food @ home to eat when ever you want. 1 value meal cost's 6$ i can eat 3 meals for 6$ since i started buying food @ wally world i have an extra 80$ a week
  10. I havnt had a job for 2 week, and i'v had the same $120 that whole 2 weeks. Gotta start looking soon.

  11. Do whatever it takes to get that paper chase.

    I never had a 'real' job, As in ive never had a pay check.

    But im out everyday applying everywhere trying to get some real work and im out making money all damn day.

    I hustle everything and i dont mean drugs.

    Hustlin car audio, Car parts, All types of shit.

    Gotta make ends meet one way ro another.
  12. the underlined section is ''SOUND'' advice,,,, i never quit one unless im going to another one,,,

    i graduated in 86,,, and have never been unemployed a day in my life,,,

    id like to be unemployed i need a vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also when in the job market,,, try to land jobs that will give you experience in a trade,,, something thats useful in all parts of the states,,,,

    it's good to have skills under your belt... i wont name mine,,, but i can find work anywhere i go,,,, with the multiple experience at different jobs ive held in the past....

    the c.d.l... license comes in handy,,,, but if i lost it,,, id be at work laying phone cable.... and on and on and on,,, get a good experience job....

    not subway,,, come on,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool: allthough subway does have good fringe benifits,,, ( free food ) :p
  13. i bet your parents are proud. have fun banging you nlvr girlfriend :). im glad i dont pay taxes.

    No one threw an edit in here before banning this guy but just so everyone is aware...this shit doesn't float. Besides the racism, there's disrespect and none of it's tolerated. *RMJL
  14. Banging my what girlfriend?

    Fuck off racist.

    First off my i got a white girl from the burbs whos in college to become a doctor buddy. I aient fuckin around.

    Best believe my folks are proud, Im makin money buddy, Im stayin legit buddy. Ive worked so many jobs. Painting/Construction/Roofing/Janitorial/Paving drives ect ect ect.

    I make a dollar outta fifteen cents buddy.

    Get like me.
  15. Haha, it's alright bro. Notice the dick's been banned.

    Either way, I need to look for a damn job.
  16. word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are so past this racist crap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    its 2007. put it in the past >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:hello:
  17. Appreciate the PM/heads up homie. *nods head*
  18. i aint just gonna let someone dis, one of my g.c. brothers,,,!!!!!!!!!!

    i may throw some off the wall shit on here,, every now and then,,,, but it's all laughs and giggles....

    im a neck,,, keep that in mind,,, and drop the ''STEREOTYPES'' be cool k.s.r. my friend,,,,:cool:
  19. Guess what, Jus made $85 bucks profit for what, 20 minutes work. Fixing car audio, I got parts for free cuz i got a buddy who works for a car audio store. I got smarts on fixing em.

    Get on my level.
  20. okay, im not too sure the location you are at (i have no clue where carmillo is)....

    heres what i did, i went out, got myself trained in a trade, college may be nice and indeed, do attend, but a trade often brings money unheard of for plumbing, heating & air, and electrical...often easy work, just need a little elbow grease...

    also, check for something unionized, seeing as a union often has a decent level of job security aslong as you are proficient...

    just my 2 cents man

    and ksr, dude, shit, sorry you had to deal with that kid...and i gotchya on the hustle, i just to get jbl's for cheap, and just sell them to anyone i thought needed em...infact, if i didnt just buy a new deck and woofers and had known that, i woulda probably hit you up...and i might girls car needs a deck...

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