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  1. Yesterday a few friends and i were walking around and these guys from my grade drive up and start talking shit...but they are "so high" that they just sound like retards. Convo:

    *drive up*
    them: "sucks that you have to walk HAHAHA LOLLOL"
    me: "do you want something?"
    them: "hey you look pretty mad"
    me: "do you want something or are you going to get the fuck out of here?"
    them: *laugh more, random gay away*

    So basically before this summer these kids played video games all fucking day when they didnt have class, and now they think they are badass for some reason. I was really baked at the time so didnt exactly want to start beating the shit out of them when they were with 6 peole and i was with 1 dude and 2 girls, XD. We smoked a few bowls of this new dank i just got every hour or so matching my other friend that was there, so we were still pretty high at the time walking to the gas station :smoking:

    I'm thinking now about what i should do about it? Should i beat the shit out of the main kid talking shit? fuck up their car? Scare them with a knife (LOL they would freak out)? any other suggestions would be appreciated to scare them or piss em off
  2. Just ignore them, you don't want Karma to work against you because you fucked with them.
  3. yea dude let it roll off...down in oklahoma thats what we call LAMES

    haha they were immature and childish so dont even stoop to that level...just keep tokin...

    they was probably on reggie anyways lol
  4. yeah they smoke shitty weed and they think its really good...this is still pissing me off, but i might just ignore them if thats the best thing to do.
  5. Let it slide.

    If it happens again.

    Give 'em the black eye.
  6. Yea, ignore it, move on and in a couple of years see who's the one that's laughing.
  7. id beat the shit out of them and take the car or fuck it up lol if there stupid enough to talk shit and be that close
  8. man don't listen to these fucking hippies. Go teach those fagots a lesson.
  9. theyre hippies...?
    that makes no sense

    and why would you beat the shit out of them
    or fuck up there car, or even pull a fuckin knife out?
    sounds like they were just fuckin with you. big deal.
    sounds like youre the one tryin to be 'hard'
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    Fucking hippies? What, because they are more intelligent than you? Your frontal lobe needs more development it seems.

    The right thing to do is just to act chill and let the small things past. There are more important things in life.
  11. i dont see how they were talking shit, and how anything they said warrants an ass beating. if that happened to me i just woulda be like ".....k"
  12. they were just bein stupid, i wouldnt even worry about it man
  13. this ^
  14. they laughed at them because they were walking and didn't have a car to drive. Thats talking shit. I'd just let it pass but if you ever see them at school or out of school. Do what you want but definitely confront them and bitch em up.
  15. naahhhh getem back i walk all around my neighborhood and that happens to me alot i just try to scream something back before they driveoff but if they ever stop and get out of their car fucking hitem dude
  16. similar thing has happened to me before, i found out where they lived and egged their house. funny thing is a friend told me that the guys mother was the one who was out the front cleaning the crap off the house. lol
  17. Fuck it, man...go nuts, 6 to 1. Fuck yes. :metal:

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