They cant be serious

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  1. $3000 for 40 seeds.They would have to grow pure hash for that price.They have other ones for $500 A PACK.Can anyone say ripoff.

    BC Seeds
  2. yea some crazy ass prices on some of their seeds (elephant bud $ 495 ) others are not to bad
    claims of really high thc percentages
    like their white widow 30% they say it is the highest percentage known to mankind
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    i've never ordered from that site personally, but regardless there is no seed worth 75$ each...ever. if they are charging those kinds of prices, i want to see pictures of the final product on their site, and those pictures would have to be something worthy of a High Times cover for a year straight. otherwise, there are just so many other fantastic, reputable seeds banks with amazing genetics that cost 1/10th the price. they need to justify those prices with some serious evidence if they actually want anyone to buy it, and i don't see shit for evidence on their site.
  4. <cough>bullsh!t</cough>
  5. the funny thing is the seeds will turn out to be some DANK shit. my friend grow out some elephant bud and euphoria unlimited and it was hands down the best bud ive ever smoked.
  6. Youir friend forked up the money for them?! how did he grow them? inside, outside? i've wanted to hear about someone who grew those out
  7. show us pictures of that bud matt420. that bud would need to look 10x's better than any other bud i've seen, since the price is about 10x's the price of even the world's best strains from other seed banks. i still call bullshit.
  8. I second that lol
  9. matt sorry but you are a little to new to this site for me to believe :(
    (friend of seedbank)
    that aside still way over priced seeds
    there is no way to justify those prices and what if customs (if in usa) was to snag them then your out some some major cash and then you would feel real dumb for laying that much out for seeds
    I would not even consider taking that chance when like others said here plenty of cheaper and great genetic that have been proven to be DANK
    yea lets see some pics :rolleyes:
  10. I personally would like to see a grow of this. Pics throughout the grow, detailed specs of flowering, etc...

    I have grown over 100 strains in my lifetime and have yet to see a strain worth that price; and some of these strains are still regarded as some of the most potent and best strains in most rankings: God Bud, Sex, WW, Jilly Bean, Williams Wonder, SSH, etc...

    I'm unsure if anyone remembers, but there was another Canadian seed producer selling seeds for $10K per 10 pack of some Trifoliate creation. Personally, I want to see what all the hype they claim is about. I do not care how dank it is, shit God Bud is some serious dank(25%+ THC).

    Another thing that bothers me is they claim these to be IBL, how could that be?

    Sorry, but they may get over on some people that are ignorant enough to pay for these, and people on here have claimed to have purchased some fo these strains from them, yet we see no results or reports. So I say lets see some proof and real reports on how this stuff grows, and even if it is some of the best and most potent in the world, 40 seeds are not worth $3K. Especially when 10 of the seeds are Skunk #1.

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    them pimp bc ni66as rock bc seeds co, prices is wut they is cuz peeps pay it, try euphoria unlimited
  12. ill ask my friend but the bud long gone
  13. yes i am new to gc but not new to growing. i personally would never buy seeds from them... i dont trust there genitics.

  14. I third that LOL

    Your full of it bro

    1. If your boy is such a big grower, He would be smart enough to produce his own seeds, it's not that hard.

    2. Anything sold for over $2,500 and shipped overseas needs a S.E.D along with 5 copies of invoice to export (redflag) for customs they look at paper work. Unless they ship from personal address, but that shit gets checked even more

    3. How many strains he's growing? 3000 dollars worth?
  15. 1. My "boy" is not a big grower and still has 5 of each seeds. and yes it is hard to make seeds when you only have one 3' x 5 ' grow room.

    2.he did not buy the 3000$ pack hes not that crazy lol. he bougth one 10 pack of euphoria unlimited and one 10 pack of elephant bud.

  16. I haven't seen any seed bank websites that have pictures of finished buds. they depict their product as souvenier seeds. I would guess these expensive genetics are out-of-this-world plants. Only one way to find out!
  17. Uhhh, attitude posts finished products. Cannabis Seeds Marijuana Seeds
  18. Mandala Seeds has pictures of their finished products as well.
  19. oh do you have to download video to see what you're talking about on attitutude?
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    i 100% disagree. doesn't matter if no other seedbanks post pictures of their product. no other seedbank charges 3000$ for 40 seeds. if they wan't to be charging out of this world prices, they need to justify why. you don't buy a $100,000 Mercedes without some sort of proof and/or test ride to demonstrate that it is substantially better than a Geo, especially since both will ultimately get you from point A to point B.

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