They call me James_Kushh

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by James_Kushh, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hello gc im a dankk smoker like most people on here.
    i got caught smokin a fww weeks ago but my parents arent really buggin ahha.
    i live in vegas so if your somewhere around there hit me up.
    steady blazin everydayy..
    rite noww im blowin on some sticky ass dro i picked up..
    too faded to think so everyone have a nice dayy nd add a little dank in your life:smoke:
  2. welcome!
    I'm going to be flying into Vegas late September... you gotta hook a girl up!
  3. alrightt fasho..
    hit me upp.
    my dealer serves thizzles too if yourr down.
  4. What the hell are Thizzles? I dont know im from harlem and ive never heard that.:D please explain.. dank for live tho.. sour D.
  5. its a cali word for ecstasy..
    im from cali but i live in vegass butt thts the wordd i alwayss hearr..
    if youu ever hear tht word for ecstacy its pretty bomb.

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