They Baker Acted me. Worst weekend ever.

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  1. So the last time I did OCs was like last thursday or wednesday, idk. By sunday I was in a pissy mood not just from the detox but from the fact I'm on my week of inert birth control pills, which means it's the week of the month I get my period, the first one I've had in over two years. So obviously, small things got me upset. Well it escelated into a fight with my boyfriend and he called the police and told them that I was a danger to myself. So the cops came and Baker Acted me, which in Florida is a law where if you say anything that would make police think that you're a threat to yourself they take you to an involuntary stay at the local mental hospital. It's completely out of your control whether or not you go, and they have to hold you for a minimum of 24 hours.

    So I get there and sit in this lobby in handcuffs for like two hours before someone finally talked to me and waited another two until I got into the ward where I would sleep. I specifically mentioned that I wasn't going to be able to sleep, and asked them if i could have at least some tyllenol pm or something and they ignored me. I was up all night and the next morning the doctor said two words to me and immediately wrote a script for Sereqel and Celexa, 200mg Seraquel is major. So all they did was keep me doped out of my mind and they wouldn't let my boyfriend come see me. They didn't give me any conciling, groups, therapy, I didn't even get to talk to a doctor. He asked me if I felt like killing myself, and I said no, and he left. that's it. They didn't even offer drug counciling. All they did was keep me there two days and send me on my way with happy pills.

    I know my boyfriend thought he was doing the right thing, but those people didn't help me at all. I saw them throw a 69 year old woman into a room because they didn't wan to "deal with her". They laughed at people that had legitimate problems like mental disability is a joke. It was by far the worst two days of my life.

    Just goes to show you how much the government cares about the litle people.
  2. that totally sucks, sounds like a very shitty time, sorry about that.
  3. There probabley just used to people getting baker acted that they knew you weren't insanse or had any problems that's why they didn't really talk to you because there are people in there who do have problems and need lots of attention and they realized you clearly didn't your were just another victim of that bullshit act. Thats a fucked up act isn't it.
  4. ya that shit sucks i got baker acted when i was a kid for punching a wall ... its some bullshit but they prescribed me ambiem and klonopin's while i was there and i honestly had no sleeping or anxiety problems lol o well i remember i would just get fukked up off my meds or sold em lol
  5. thats fucked up

    was he right to call the baker act on you?:smoking:
  6. I never said anything to suggest that I was going to kill myself, but he's just concerned because of the pills.

    The really bullshit part is, the person that calls it on you doesn't even have to know you, and there's really nothing you can do about it.
  7. this right here.. i hate floridas laws ..being baker acted is so dumb and now everytime i go in for an interview and they aways ask if i've been baker acted
  8. They're not supposed to be able to see whether or not you were. it's supposedly confidential
    At least that's what they told me..

    I'm just mad because all they did was give me drugs for my drugs.

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