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They Aren't Germinating :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DeiCidE156, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hi
    this is my first ever marijuana grow and im allready stuck on the germination part :(
    I have germinated seeds before but not weed seeds. I have looked on about 30 different sites and videos on how to germinate and tried exactly what is says but nothings happening. What am i doing wrong.

    Hear is what Im doing to Germinate:
    -Im using the paper towel method ---> I start by finding 2 clean plates and paper towels ( i used the middle of the towel roll so it is clean), then i fill a glass of water from the water cooler ( i warm the water so it is room temp), i wash my hands till they are perfectially clean, i get the seeds ( see next paragraph to know what seeds im using), i start by dipping paper towel in water then hang for a minute so some extra water drips out, then i fold it in half and put in the middle of my plate, i add the seeds ( only 3 since this is my first germination), then i soke another paper towel and place it on top, I genitally press around the seeds so get them covered and moist all over, Then I place the other plate over top.

    Since my house is cold, i put the plates with seeds in my snake tank because it is room temp there. I used dark tape to tape half the crack around the plates because of the bright snake tank light, then i put the snakes water bowl over the plates too keep the plates from getting too hot.

    SEEDS- the 3 seeds im using are ...
    1 Purple Pineberry- bought at seed bank downtown ( this bank has 90% Germination rate)
    and 2 Seeds i bought from my friend ( he doenst know what they are but ive seen his plants he grew with them and he said if they didnt Germinate he would give me new ones)

    This is ever thing im doing and my seeds havent Germinated yet :(
    Its been days now. Is there anything im doing wrong? Should i try another method?

  2. I was stuck at germ too for a while then I started germing them in a little plastic greenhouse from ocean state job lot outside with peat pellets and some good sunlight. During the good days here its been 68-75 and a few hours of sun per day for about a week has produced me the most seedlings ive ever had. Once they get big enough for anyone to look and say "hey that theres reefer..." (lol) They come in under the lights. Check out my closet CFL setup if youd like :)
  3. This is how I do it and it works most of the time. Take your seeds and throw them into a cup of water. Let them sit over night and in the morning poke them all down so they sink to the bottom of the cup. After another day (or if you seen one that has cracked) take them out and then place them into a moist paper towel, put the damp paper towel in a ziplock bag and throw it on top of your refrigerator. This works for me %99.9 of the time. Good luck :smoking:
  4. ah, or you can start the seeds in fertalizer, thats what i do, i put seed in about 2 cm deep and then water them and lave them in sun and after about 2-3 days i have my sprouts.:)
  5. The good old fashin way... That always works too, I myself can't handle the suspense and I need to see a tap root before I plant lol. Welcome to GrassCity btw :wave:
  6. So ar you saying if i soke them in water for awhile it would make them germinate better? or is that just if i wanna find out which seeds ar healthy? And is the plastic bags just as good as the plates or would they work better?
  7. I used tap water and put them in a cup. Used a little bit of lemon juice to bring ph down and put the cup on a heating mat set to low. Some cracked over night and others took another day or so. Out of 21 seeds, only one didn't germ. I put them right into the rockwool ( can use soil) after cause I don't like the paper towel to damage the root.

    Seeds like tap water for the minerals that are still left in it. Be sure to let it sit overnight before dropping the seeds in it to let the chlorine burn off.
  8. im the same way, i cant just drop the seed in dirt and hope it works.... lol

    what i normally do, i take a plastic sandwich container, take a paper towl, and cut it to the right size for the bottom of the container, putting 3 layers of paper towels, i put water on it a tablespoon at a time until the water has spread through the whole towel. not enough to ever drip off it, if water drips off, ill wring it out and put a little water through it. then do 2 top layers the same way.... you also need to make sure that your paper towels dont dry out, thats why i use a plastic sandwich container with a lid that will seal and be pretty air tight. then generally after 2 days, most will have a very nice root, ready for snuggling with the dirt... lol

    dont give up, best thing to do in the beginning is get a shit load of bag seed, and grow at least one plant from germination through smoke w/out any errors.... once you can do that and feel comfortable, buy seeds then... you dont want to buy good seeds the first time you grow anything.... at least thats how i see things, im on my third plant, and i think im comfortable at this point to buy some seeds, but i think ill still grow another one or two bag seeds for now, just to make sure... i dont wanna waste like $20 on one seed or something like that, and have the plant die before its able to be harvested... lol

    good luck though...
  9. hmm o kk so try to germ right in water? And also are the seeds ive allready tried to germinate gone bad now since they have been in moisture, or can I still use them?
  10. its worth a shot to try them in a cup of water, if they still float after a day, their dead... but dont bother burying them...
  11. kk so tonight should i just take the seeds out of the paper towel and drop them in a cup of clean water ive had from a few days ago and tomorrow c if they float?
  12. Definitely try them in the cup of water before you throw them out.
  13. kk i will do that and post again in about 2 days or something. Also should like a drop of lemon juice in the water?
  14. Ya soak them to help soften the husk of the seed, also like VoteYesin2010 said throw them into a cup of water and when you see they crack plant them right away. No need for paper towel, I do this allot actually.
  15. Definitely wouldn't hurt!
  16. ok ive forsure decided to put the seeds in the water cup tonight before i blaze so just making sure im doing it right...

    im going to take the seeds out of the plates and paper towel ... then drop them in a cup of water ( it is tap water that i left in a cup on my dresser for a day)
    also before i drop them in im going to ad a drop of lemon juice to the water

    Ok that is what im going to do ... is this the proper way? after awhile what am i really looking for? is it a crack in seeds or an actual sprout?
  17. It sounds like you are trying to hard man.

    The way I usually germ my seed is I take a shot glass put some water in it and drop my seeds in. Overnight some will crack, after 48 hours all the good seeds should be opened with their tap root sticking out and ready to be planted.

    And this is what you are looking for. It's kind of hard to screw this up. Either they open or they don't

  18. o kk im doing that now
  19. TKS every one for the help..They finally germinated :) ... dunno if i messed anything up when i moved them to soil tho but il find out in a few days :p Right now i put the pot in a plastic bag and its in furnace room.
    TKS again for help everyone
  20. Nice! Knew you could do it!!:hello::hello:

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